Who is Register Tapes Unlimited

Register Tapes Unlimited, L.P. (RTUI) is a national leader in the creation and distribution of register tape advertisement.

Currently we distribute our products to over 10,000 grocery stores throughout the United States Canada.

Who is RTUI


When this industry began over 30 years ago, register receipt tape advertising paled in comparison to today’s technology and complexity. In its initial stages, the industry’s production capabilities were limited to one or two colors. If eye appeal were a big concern, one wouldn’t identify it by looking at the end result of industry professionals or leaders of that era.

Consumers didn’t quite comprehend the product, nor did they give it much attention. And quite frankly, they couldn’t be blamed for their near universal lack of understanding and reception. Once paying for their groceries at the checkout line, the cashier would simply put the receipt in the bag (as opposed to placing it in the consumer’s hand, coupon side up).

There was an image concern, as business leaders didn’t feel comfortable placing advertisements on the back of receipts. Combine this misunderstanding with the fears of going “against the mainstream” and you have a recipe for zero revenue, zero growth, and zero tolerance. Fortunately, these sentiments are no longer the pattern.

Meanwhile its introduction into the industry, Register Tapes Unlimited (RTUI) has been influential in bringing Register Tape Advertising into the 21st century.

Register Tapes Unlimited (RTUI) is in an elite position to continually steer the industry to the next level as it has done for a limitless number of years.

Since the company began using full color imaging and photo technology to enhance its product and service offering, the register receipt advertising industry has seen a significant increase in not just its clientele, but its mass appeal and acceptance in industries that until very recently would have never given the idea a second thought.

From Doctors to Lawyers to Realtors to Automobile Dealers, the industry has undergone a true renaissance. These industries having recognized the immense return on their investments from this inexpensive medium, have made register receipt advertising a hallmark of their advertising budgets and strategies. With costs as low as 1/3 of a cent per impression, who could really blame them.

RTUI makes every effort to provide their distribution points (Grocery Stores) with sufficient quantities of printed tape thus eliminating gaps in distribution.

We’ve created a product that blends the best of the printing industry at the lowest cost in the most markets. For many years, only fast food companies got great results from register tape advertising. That practice has come to an end. Using top-notch reproduction quality, RTUI has been able to dramatically expand the various categories of businesses that now incorporate register tape into their advertising strategies.

No other advertising medium is as valuable, effective, or affordable as Register Tapes Unlimited.

Give us a call today, we are confident that your choice to use our program on a wide production scale, even in your local market will prove to be the strongest mechanism by which you can advertise for maximum output with minimal investment.