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Sharon Biscardi


595 Arthur St. W., Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5R5, Canada
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Per Week: 79 Per Month: 316
Dear Melissa, we are really happy with our local advertising - in fact, we are renewing our ads on Safeway's receipts for the third year in a row. We took a gamble to put our ad in the Safeway across town on the north side. And, it worked! We are seeing lots of customers from both the Safeway across town and just down the street. In fact, the longer we do this, the more and more coupons we see. Our average ticket ranges from $17.40 to $24.99 after tax and applying coupon. We received 3,789 Safeway coupons from November 1st of 2013 to November 20th of 2014. That translates conservatively into $80,308 in revenue and a 10:1 return on investment. What do we think on this? We know putting our name and offer in front of hungry shoppers works and I'm going to keep on doing it!
Sharon Biscardi
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