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Winn Dixie

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Octavio Martinez

Hot Paws

1008 S. 8th St., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, US
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At first, I was a real sceptic about the Register Tapes program. Even though Scott, showed me letter after letter of groomers and other businesses getting great results with the program. I was still unsure what the Register Tapes could do for MY business. I’m a believer in giving everything a try at least once, so I signed up. WOW, this guy wasn’t kidding, this program really works and believe it or not, people really look at their recepts and use these things. I have done newspaper, direct mail, billboards and the local tourist magazines and the Register Tapes is the most effective and consistent advertising I do. I highly recommend Register Tapes Inc. You must give this a try!
Octavio Martinez
Hot Paws
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