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Wayne Auto Spa

2122 Hamburg Turnpike
(973) 835-7765

Wayne Auto Spa Wayne Auto Spa Wayne Auto Spa Wayne Auto Spa Wayne Auto Spa

Author: Thomas Ciampi Rating: 3
They always manage to miss spots. Car feels 80pc cleaner instead of 100pc. Also very slow since the same guy taking the money also has to vacuum.
Author: Amit Kushwaha Rating: 2
I took silver service. They suppose to vacuum the car interior and clean areas under the car Plus regular exterior washing. They were so quick, so quick that they didn't do vacuum proparly. Didn't pressure wash the car wheel areas. Mud was stocked there as it was before the wash. I don't see value for my money. Finally I went to other "do it your self" car wash place and got the vacuum and under carriage washing done by myself. I wouldn't want to defame the whole team there. As advertised they were quick and had lot of people on job. Guys who were outside cleaning the car were fast and efficient but the person who did vacuum and under carriage cleaning didn't pay enough attention. I Would not like to go there again.
Author: Jennifer Crabtree Rating: 1
I will not go here anymore. A good friend of mine got her car stolen from this crook over a $20 dispute. Police got involved and he still would not give the keys back to my friend. The car came out of the car wash dirty and he tried to charge her to wash it a second time. It should have been done right the firat time. Very unprofessional. Pay your neighborhood kids to wash and vacuum your car. Be careful going here.
Author: Chris Cerullo Rating: 5
I have the unlimited car wash plan and they do a great job. Furthermore, I brought my Jaguar to the Quick Lube and got an oil change service and Jeff was nice enough to check my breaks and tell me that they were still good. Jaguar told me that my front breaks needed replacement and probably any other place would have just gone ahead and replaced them. But I appreciated their honesty. The staff is very accommodating, friendly. I will continue to go back and recommend highly to others.
Author: Dayna Berger Rating: 1
100% the worst business place I have ever went to. After paying full price for a "gold" package I was very unhappy. I went back to have them take care of the problems. Told the man at front of the car wash and he said " ok no problem, we'll take care of it. He proceeded to put it through the tunnel. When it came I was asked to pay full price again! When I refused, he literally confiscated my keys and wouldn't return my CAR!! He actually refused to return it even after FOUR police came and advised him to give me my keys..

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Tuesday 07:30 am – 06:00 pm
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