1249 2 Avenue A North
(403) 942-0244


Author: jayce j Rating: 3
Double check pricing on everything they sell. in some cases the are 100% more expensive than most shops in town. I wondered in there this week to pick up a rig. They will charge as much as they can on pretty much everything. Nice enough service but kinda felt after that I was punked playing three card monty I get that the central location is expensive, but you don't build loyalty by magical pricing. Lots of competition out there now. My advice to people walking in? Double check all of the prices against others in town. I did not check and pretty much got hosed. Would've been cheaper to drive to the NE
Author: Famine Paradox Rating: 1
I won a FB contest for a 250 dollar in store credit at VapeXcape, awesome right ? they looked it up and I was told the mod I wanted was $280 ( chi megan ) however they couldn't give it to me that day. Okay fine what ever ill be back tomorrow to grab it. So I drove in the next day ( about 30 minute drive each way from my place ). the FB page said they were open on sunday until 8PM, but they were closed. no problem, shot them a message on FB saying they should update the shop hours and didn't think much more of it. Then when I came in on Monday, some how it magically disappeared from the computer system and they were waiting on VapeXcape Calgary to give them a price. I went in every day for almost a week, on one of those days the owner had a toothache and was talking about closing early but then he loudly said "I would close early but some whiny @#$^& would post something snotty on facebook" Not impressed. So the Thursday or Friday when it finally turned up in the computer but something interesting happened.. a $50 price increase. ($330 total). Don't arbitrarily raise prices to pad the bottom line because you can't afford the contest.
Author: Anthony Ries Rating: 5
Very friendly and helpful with a redonkulasly large selection of flavors of Ejuices.