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Atlas Car Wash & Detail

720 Platte River Boulevard
(720) 685-3110

Atlas Car Wash & Detail Atlas Car Wash & Detail Atlas Car Wash & Detail Atlas Car Wash & Detail Atlas Car Wash & Detail

Author: Joanna Malone Rating: 5
I would like to say, if I had believed in receiving a performance according to some of the reviews I would have expected far fewer positive results. It is because of you who downgraded Atlas that I felt more encouraged than ever to believe they would do a great job on my car. And that they did. In fact, Mike informed me of a process and application that was unfamiliar to me. He discussed it in detail so I could understand why he recommended it. It would not only benefit my car's appearance, but maintain the original soft, smooth and seamless finish on the car as I first purchased. It repels water, dirt, dust, bird doo, bugs and tree pitch. I bet I'll discover more in the future. This man knows his stuff. He is professional and diplomatic in his approach to the public who come into their business to care for your car, truck, etc. He goes the extra mile to do the detail work he would want for himself. So, you greasers who want to give them a hard time because you're afraid of the competition, find someone else to browbeat and try to rep-ruin. Only those who care for, and about longevity of their vehicles will patronize this business. Excellent work, competitive pricing, and very friendly expeditious service with the desire to please. Thank You Mike
Author: Matthew Martinez Rating: 1
Alysha the blonde sales person is extremely rude and unprofessional. Before she worked there I was given a handful of complimentary car wash cards because the car wash scuffed my new wheel at the pointe of entrance of the car wash. Now every time I use one she asks how many I have left and says they can only honor a few more. The entire staff from last summer has quit. A former employee a few weeks ago remembered the incident last summer and was extremely nice, of course now he no longer works there. Today after using the complimentary card I went into the lobby to wait for my car and over hear Alysha bad mouthing me to another coworker. Then she approached me before I was going to wash my dog and threatens to call the police. I have never experienced anything quit so unusual as this business and recommend strongly for people to stay clear of atlas car wash in Brighton. I used to have a 3 star pass and always spent money there however the new staff ( mostly Alysha) is the epitome of bad customer service.
Author: Twyla Sherman Rating: 5
First of all, all I can say is WOW to the hot blond lady who took my order for which car wash I wanted. All I wanted was a cheap quick wash and she talked me into getting a five star detail. By far the best car wash I have ever received, every nook and cranny was cleaned and it looked like they licked my tires clean. Must be under new management because something has definitely changed for the better. Wish I could give this place 10 stars!!!!!!
Author: Oscar Derma Rating: 1
they used to be really good but now you never even get the services you paid for unless you go back and demand the services you paid for i paid for a 4 star wash but asked to not dress interior just wiped they didnt even dust the interior, windows were not cleaned, cup holders left with dust and trash in there and they couldnt even vacumm under my floor mats not worth the $30
Author: Ruffles Gallegos Rating: 2
Do not waste your money here!! I just spent 30 dollars and had to come home and re clean my car. My windows were all greasy the dash was half cleaned.This is the 2nd time I have been here, the first time was about the same so I thought I would give them a second chance! Never again

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