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AllCare Veterinary Hospital

225 Carmel Avenue
(650) 359-8387

AllCare Veterinary Hospital AllCare Veterinary Hospital AllCare Veterinary Hospital AllCare Veterinary Hospital

Author: BrandonLee Porter Rating: 5
Great local vet. The Doctor is a little strange but in a good way. He is very caring and is honest about what procedures need to be done and ones that don't. If I opt out of precautionary screenings I don't feel pressured or made to feel like a bad dad.
Author: Shannon Held-Beardsley Rating: 2
So my first experiences here were good. I got a dog vaccinated and examined, a cat vaccinated and spayed, another kitten that I fostered examined, and finally our own kitten examined (the vet at that time was really wierd) . Personally I loved Dr. G. Today I got our kitten neutered and feel ripped off. Brought in a coupon for a $30 neuter. Opted for, what I was told, the pain meds at $59 and $18 for antibiotics. My hubby loves his kitten so I went for it. Picked him up and brought him home. Realized they didn't give me the meds. So I called and went back for them. And to my wonderful (not) surprise, they tell me that the antibiotics were not necessary. But the $59 is not refundable because it was part of a package to cover the I.v., fluids, and catheter. Wait, how is that not part of the neuter cost at $30? And if it wasnt, shouldnt they have told me that this a.m.? And because it wasn't the girl who ran the front desk when I dropped him off, the girl Wouldn't help me. After years of decent service, I will never ever go back. $59 is a lot of money for us, so I feel kind of ripped off now that I dont even have the pain meds I opted for. Unfortunate situation, be aware.
Author: Brenda Johnson Rating: 5
Our kitty Zeus goes to see Dr. Jeremy and he's very kind, gentle, and he makes sure we are informed of exactly what is happening. I am glad we found AllCare and Dr. Jeremy.
Author: Kay Duncan Rating: 5
I have used Jeremy for several years now for my Doberman and 2 Siamese cats, he has always been compassionate, caring and gentle with all my pets.
Author: Derek Goodwin Rating: 2
I took a pet rat here and was not at all pleased with the visit. When handling my rat the vet simply forced him into whatever position he needed. My previous vet was much more gentle and actually took a moment to let my rat get acclimatized to him. Worse though, the vet said his teeth were too long and needed to be trimmed. I asked him how the procedure worked and he described it as not too different from trimming one's nails, just slip a tool around the teeth and snip. When they brought my rat back from this supposedly quick and simple procedure he was bleeding profusely from the mouth, which the vet dismissed as not a big deal. The vet hadn't mentioned any possibility of bleeding when I'd asked him about the procedure, which honestly makes me think they just messed it up. Finally, it was more expensive than my previous vet, for a similar visit (both were for respiratory problems). Probably because my previous vet didn't perform this dubious teeth cutting procedure, so essentially I paid extra to put my pet through additional pain and stress.

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