3 Margaritas

2350 Main Street
(303) 682-0888

3 Margaritas 3 Margaritas

Author: Michael Buck Rating: 5
This is our goto spot for Mexican food. They have nice outdoor seating for when it's warm for enjoying margaritas (which are very good and strong... Be sure to try the ultimate margaritas). Did is consistently good and quick to be prepared. I have to say we like this much better than the other Mexican restaurants in the area like Efrain's.
Author: Carolyn Del Vecchio Rating: 3
Really, really expensive for what we got. $12 margarita, no drink prices on menu and even the price of the food - I'm not sure why they charge double what other Mexican restaurants in the area charge but it was good. We just probably won't go back because there are lots of good Mexican options. Service was great.
Author: Steve Mojzsis Rating: 5
Hahaha. I love Tres Margaritas, and I openly laughed when Lucy Travolta complained about being asked about chopsticks. Having lived in ASIA I can say that I've been consistently asked if I want knives and forks. Fake hilarious outrage by you. Grow a pair! This restaurant is amazing and the chefs are real magicians. We won't go anywhere else. Hey, maybe next time you can bring some chopsticks!!! Hahahahaha.
Author: Britney Rader Rating: 1
Terrible service. We told the manager and he continued to let this rude server to come by our table and be a smart ass wow I'm almost certain it was because I'm white and i had children with me. Thanks for making me feel discriminated against!
Author: Lucy Travolta Rating: 1
I couldn't believe these people! The host sat us down and asked if we needed chopsticks. I thought I misheard him then he asked for the second time. Worst Valentine experience ever. Yes we are Asian but DIDN'T appreciate this racist comment. Boooooooo!

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