Zip Fitness Harlem-Foster

7300 West Foster Avenue
(773) 853-2305

Zip Fitness Harlem-Foster Zip Fitness Harlem-Foster Zip Fitness Harlem-Foster Zip Fitness Harlem-Foster Zip Fitness Harlem-Foster

Author: Matt Dickson Rating: 2
I have a feeling that most people who have rated this facility highly are not using the free weight area. For cardio and machines I would say they do a pretty good job but the free weight area is a joke. I have yet to see a bench that doesn't have substantial tears in it, many of the dumbbells are missing the little plate that tells you how much it weighs (so you better hope they have been racked correctly), some dumbbells actually have weight plates that are coming lose (which seems downright dangerous). They really need to invest some time and money in the free weight area of this facility.
Author: Casey Lee Rating: 5
been going for two years. the staff is amazing and the prices are good. you get what you pay for, if not, even more. it is never really crowded.
Author: James Reddinger Rating: 5
I love Zip Fitness! I am not in great shape (yet) but I always feel very comfortable here. Staff is very friendly and always willing to help. The Gym Genius (free fitness trainer) shows me how to use the equipment and makes recommendations on how I can improve my routine. The place is always clean and has a great atmosphere. Highly recommend.
Author: Laura Koziej Rating: 4
I love this place. It's cheap, clean, and the machines work. When the original workout mats became torn and busted, they were quickly replaced with new ones. The staff is constantly checking to make sure all wipe containers are full and are friendly and professional. Every time I am there, there is one of them clipping a lock for someone who lost their keys and they are some of the nicest people, no nasty attitude whatsoever. The locker rooms and bathrooms are also very clean. While it does tend to get crowded during the "rush hour", there are enough machines to use one while you're waiting for the one you want. In the end, it is awesome and I highly recommend it.
Author: Josue Rodriguez Rating: 4
Good Gym some days the area where the free weights are at can get full, but other then that its a good gym I would recommended

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Monday 06:00 am – 08:00 pm
Tuesday 04:30 am – 11:00 pm
Wednesday 04:30 am – 11:00 pm
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