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Alwin Anthony Salon

Author: Custom Sharpening By Hand Rating: 5
Sara Gallagher has again chosen our services. Check out our testimonials to find out why this is important to YOU THE CUSTOMER! ;) Thanks Sara..keep being awesome.
Author: Andrew Culp Rating: 5
Recently moved into downtown Grayslake and found Ashley Alwin for a men's haircut. AWESOME!! The service was great and the people working were super friendly! I would highly recommend this salon for men and women!
Author: YESICA LOPEZ Rating: 5
I love this place
Author: A Google User Rating: 2
I typically would not write a bad review but have made 3 attempts (once in person and 2 by email) to contact the owner with zero response. I came in with a 1/2 off one hair service coupon, the staff was very friendly and accommodating. I showed a picture of what I was hoping for and asked if they could do it and approximately how much it would cost. I was told it would be anywhere from $75-$95. I then asked if that price was before or after the coupon and was told it was the before the coupon price. I specifically remember asking this because everyone was busy doing something (cleaning ceiling fans, etc.) and I wanted to ensure that I was getting accurate information. After my color was complete I was told it would be $135 but with my coupon it would be $95. My hair was colored then styled while I was not facing a mirror. Once facing the mirror, I asked why my roots were so bright red when the rest of my hair had no red. I was told that it SHOULD lighten up in about a week or so. I felt so bad looking at it that I asked again when I was paying why my hair looked like it did and was told it looked great even though another customer gave a me a look shaking her head as I was handing over my money. I got home, looked in the mirror and began to cry. My husband and sister both said they could not believe that I was allowed to walk out of the salon like that. My roots, only, were bright ketchup red. I had black, brown and yellow stripes from the red root strip down. Above my left eye I had a one inch skunk stripe of bright yellow hair. When pulled back in a pony tail, the first inch around my face was bright red and the yellow stripe on the left side looked like a race car stripe. (I took a ton of pictures) By this point I had already spent $120 (including tip) and did not want to go to another salon and pay to have it corrected. I was genuinely scared to return to this salon feeling that my hair had already been over processed and that my color was really messed up and nothing even close to the picture I provided. I returned thinking that this is a new business and giving them the opportunity to fix my hair would be the right thing to do. I brought back a picture of the closest thing I could find to the color I came in with and asked for my hair to be "fixed". When I went back, one of the salon owners and several stylists agreed that my hair looked bad, was processed incorrectly and that it did indeed need to be fixed. This process took another almost 3 hours and 3 applications and the red roots still were very obvious. The new stylist did her best, was friendly and apologetic, I tipped her for her time. I was told that the last application was a wash out shampoo and that I would most likely need to come back in 4 weeks. Now, $140 later I am left with the color I walked in the door with but with red roots. The water of my first shower was so dark it was almost black and that was without shampooing my hair at all. I returned that evening to ask for my money back. I was offered a different stylist to see in 4 weeks once my temporary color washed out. I went home and sent an email to the owner and never heard back. I waited one week and sent another and still have not heard back. I left my address, phone number, etc and asked that she contact me in the manner and timeframe that is best for her and have not heard back, thus this review.
Author: A Google User Rating: 5
Kourtney did my hair and it is the only time I have truly LOVED it! They have great prices and a wonderful staff! My daughter is 4 and had her hair done also and she loved being pampered with the juice box, hair glitter and the toy chest.