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Bechtelsville Car Wash

802 Pennsylvania 100
(610) 369-0328

Author: TinaDitto Rating: 1
Had a problem with their service this morning. Had a new car (white) in with 1000 miles for a mini detail. I was informed that the car had spots on it after the wash, but not told the extent of the problem only to find out later that there were hundreds, if not a thousand. Was told they would only come out with clay compounding. When we challenged them on the spots, we were told it was berries or bird droppings. The car has never been parked near a tree and the spots were so small and numerous that it could not have possibly been the result of birds. We were told the car came in that way. It's our fault. All we wanted was for them to fix the problem, but all they would do is take our and number and have somebody call us. As we pressed the issue further, like maybe call somebody now, we were asked to leave. We took the car to another detailing place for an opinion. We were told the spots were probably high iron content in the water and were actually rust spots. This is not how a car should look after just being washed and detailed. The gentleman used a washing fluid and wiped several of the spots off without a lot of effort, thereby countering the story we were given. We have had our cars washed there many times before without a problem, but we were very displeased with this experience. The manager treated us rudely. The way we were treated was not acceptable for any business and we weren't even asking for our money back. We only wanted the problem fixed, but they would not even talk about the possibility that they were in the wrong. We will not be going back, ever.

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