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Automotive Experts of Maple Valley

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Automotive Experts of Maple Valley

Author: Kristy Jessica Rating: 5
I was very pleased with the fair price, quality work, and friendly staff at Automotive Experts. I had my timing belt, transmission drain and filled, coil replaced, thermostat, water pump, and spark plugs serviced. My car runs great now and the engine light is off, I have driven over 300 miles since the service and all is good! Thanks guys :)
Author: Stephen Knapowski Rating: 5
I took my high mileage 2005 Toyota Corolla in for a "transmission knock". I received a very comprehensive diagnosis and the service rep was very knowledgeable about my situation and more than willing to provide me with advice about making the repairs or start looking for another vehicle. I would use this repair shop again.
Author: Greg Magone Rating: 1
Automotive Experts does not know how to change rear wheel bearings in the Ford Explorer. I took my Explorer in to have the two rear bearings changed. They quoted $800 but then they decided they needed to replace a bunch of other parts and by the time that it was done the total came to $1500. Unfortuantely, one bearing promptly failed after 30,000 miles (they should not fail that early). They were good to fix that under warranty but it failed again in 20,000 more miles. The other failed after 40,000. At that point they refused to fix anything under warranty but happily offered to replace them for $650. The net result is that I had to take my car to Valley Automotive & Electric and have them replace both bearings again since Automotive Experts couldn't do the job right.
Author: Lightning Division25 Rating: 1
They did a fine job on my brakes....BUT.....when I got my car home, there were several scratches in the top of the fenders - especially where they let the hood latches slam down and grind into the top of the fender. The damaged area has been aggressively buffed but the scratches remain. They will always remind me of how they "cared" for my vehicle.
Author: John Doell Rating: 2
THIS PLACE IS AS BAD AS IT GETS! I'm really not sure how they are still open. Brought my car here because my check engine light was on. I get a ride home from the owner Grace, who is nice but seems mentally questionable in my book. I get a call later on from Rich and he tells me that I have multiple problems with my car that are causing the light. That's kind of weird, the light just came on 2 days ago and you're telling me that 3 different sensors all seemed to have failed at once? After asking a couple questions about that he pretty much had the attitude that if you don't want to spend any money to "FIX" the car to come pick it up and stop wasting his time. Well, since I had emissions coming up I really needed the car fixed so I gave them the go ahead on the $1200 worth of repairs. Three days later the light came back on, awesome. Went back and they told me that another part was bad and must have happened in the last few days, another $350 fix. Took my car to another shop in the area and got my car fixed for $160. The other shop said it looked like someone else just tried replacing everything in the system, no that was Automotive Experts spending my money. Light has been off for over 6 months now and no problems. This place has really went downhill in the last couple years. Don't waste your hard earned money here, there's plenty of other GOOD shops in the area.

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