Aston Diner & Family Restaurant

3601 Concord Road
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Aston Diner & Family Restaurant

Author: Norb Novocin Rating: 2
First time going here from out of town. Went with two of my employees after an auction at a local recommendation. We ordered the Seafood platter, a bacon cheddar cheeseburger and the Veal Marsala with an appetizer of calamari. I was the one who got the veal. The plate looked great, it came with medallions of veal, when I ate the first medallion it just did not taste good, it tasted like the meat had gone bad. I tried the second medallion and it was fine, good even, then tried one bite of the third and it was the worst yet, almost rancid. I called the waitress over and asked her to take it away, she offered to have them correct it and I said just bring me a hot dog. When we got the bill she said they were having problems with their computer so they did not charge me for the hot dog and gave us a 15% discount. But... they kept the veal at 17.99 on the bill. The discount came to a few cents over $8. I told her, I did not think that was right, there is no way they charge $10 for a hot dog. She said that is what he did and pointed to the cashier. I told her no problem, I would talk to him. I went up and talked to him and he said his manager told him to only give a discount because I ate the majority of the meal. (No where near, two medallions and a bite of the third.) I told him I hadn't and he started arguing saying yes you did, I saw your plate, there are supposed to be 8 medallions and there were only three on the plate. Bottom line... I know I sent a full plate back they just out right called me a liar, and on the way home (2 1/2 hour drive home) physically got ill. He offered to have me talk to his manager on the phone, but when he picked up the phone, but when he did the intro with the guy who complained about the veal that he ate the majority of that I told you about, I told them to forget it, I would just go ahead and post something here instead. So... I paid the whole bill and left a large tip for the waitress and now get to voice my disgust here. What ever happened to the customer is always right? Or customer care? To be fair, the other two meals were fine and my cohorts enjoyed them. There was just something wrong with the veal and they chose not to believe me in it or take care of it properly.
Author: Sakia Beard Rating: 5
The food and service are awesome. Every time I have eaten here the food has been wonderful. If you are ever there ask for Julia she is great.
Author: Matthew Heneghan Rating: 5
Great food. Great service. Always accomodating for my wheelchair bound Father.
Author: Eric Johnson Rating: 5
This place is the epitome of old fashioned diner food. Everything I've tried here was amazing. Large portions and simply delicious. The service is always very prompt. After ordering, your food will arrive in no time. Had me questioning if some of the entrees were pre-made, but after tasting it was definitely mto. This place will certainly not disappoint
Author: Marqueita Alladin Rating: 5
Great prices ,great food and wonderful service ! Just an all around in every aspect great restaurant.

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