Angees Restaurant

475 North Union Street
(716) 373-7070

Angees Restaurant

Author: Glen P Rating: 4
Outstanding food. Average service.
Author: Matthew Crance Rating: 5
I am giving the food and service 5 stars, however I am giving the building only 1.5 stars (the .5 is for the really nice patio they have). The FOOD IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I stop here every time I am in town for a week. However I will only eat on the Patio. I have been getting the chicken alfredo recently and it is really really good. The shicken is o so tender. The fresh bread was the topper. The croutons on the salad had just the perfect flavor. They brought the mediocre salad up to par (I am not much of a salad eater anyways so that took little bearing into my opinion). Last time I ate there I showed up fairly late in the even and wan't expecting to be deated do the time however they sat me down and served me a great meal even late at night and it didn't even seem to phase the wait staff or cook. The Patio is quite quaint. However the inside needs some major renovations. Don't Plan on using the bathrooms as they are stuck in the 1950's. This place has so much potential! If only they would upgrade the inside to reveal that potential. The bar was the most popular feature inside. However I would take the bar out and make it a very classy restaurant if I was the owner. Probably would quadruple their profits.
Author: Jim Paterniti Rating: 5
Everything is great.. Italian food like grandma cooks. our favorites include but not limited to: gnocchi with baked cheese and mushrooms, cajun chicken Cesar salad, pizza, house salad is a must... It comes in a wooden bowl and house Italian dressing. Ciao Bello! PS... Rum Bucket!
Author: Mike Blumenthal Rating: 4
Angees is a homey, comfortable small town restaurant. It has been a fixture in Olean for many, many years. The waitresses are nice, the service is fast. The antipasto is delicious. The pricing though has increased and while you can still find some of their "classics" most entrees are now mid priced. One beer, a fish fry and dessert came to $25.
Author: Emilia Fichter Rating: 3
Service is great but food has too much fat for my taste. Prices are tight to the food.

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