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Author: Jess Rating: 1
I've never left a negative review before in my life but I had a terrible experience here. The woman who did my gel nails got polish all over my cuticles, filed my nails ridiculously unevenly, filed OVER the polish that had just been painted on, and inexplicably kept trying to file my actual skin to get the polish off (???). There was also a point where I thought she was going to pull my thumb off trying to get to the nail. I had to stop her several times from hurting my hand. She also clipped the skin by my thumb when she was trying to clean my cuticles. When the manager asked if I was happy with the results (he walked by a few times and I think it was pretty obvious to everyone that the lady was doing a bad job) all I had to do was show him my hand and say "I mean look at it..." without even having to name anything specific and he knew exactly what the problem was. It just looked bad. Then he brought me back to the lady and asked her to fix it. First she tried putting an entirely different color on my nails after assuring me it was the same (it wasn't, and two other employees had to help me find the right one), then she filed my nails even weirder, STILL didn't get the polish off my skin and just made me feel so uncomfortable. I went with some friends and their nails were fine, but they were all watching with horror at what my technician was doing so we're definitely never coming back. I'm not one to make a scene in a customer service situation, but I really do feel that it's pretty unreasonable that someone at a nail salon can't do a simple gel manicure. If I get an infection from the place where my skin was clipped and die, I wouldn't even haunt this place out of spite. That's how much I never want to go there again.
Author: Donica White Rating: 4
They are extremely fast and efficient. I've been coming here for over 1 year now. What I will say is there are a couple nail techs that need to take some lessons (move slower and need help) everyone can't be great!! I just avoid them.
Author: Shawn Bradley Rating: 5
Really great atmosphere here. The staff is helpful and efficient at what they do. The chair is comfy and the service is reasonably priced.
Author: Julie Austin Rating: 5
Came for spa pedicure the other day and left extremely satisfied! My cuticles were trimmed perfectly and the Polish was applied evenly. The price was just right for me!
Author: audrey ann stoffle Rating: 1
This was the worst pedicure I've ever received. I chose this place because of their average 4.4-star reviews on Google and their proximity to me, but after closer inspection, I suspect that many of these are paid/fake reviews. Here is why I will never, ever go back to #1 Nails: 1. The place REEKS. As soon as I walked in, the smell was nauseating and overwhelming. It was a super strong chemical smell that can't be good to breathe in, even for 30 minutes. When I saw this comment in a review, I started to suspect the reviews were fake: "...the salon was very clean and smells really nice. Didn't had any chemical smell lingering in the air." 2. My pedicure was terrible! I can't afford to get pedicures all the time, so I bank on the fact that they usually last me 3-4 weeks. After 2 days, the polish on my toenails started to peel off. Not just chip--peel off, like the Tinkerbell peel-off nail polish from the 80s. My ring toe is now polish-less, less than one week later. The rest of the nails look like a child painted them. I didn't notice until I got home and had a closer look. 3. My technician didn't speak English. At all. He said hi, but when he got out the file, I told him I had a problem on the outside of my foot that hurt, and to please be gentle there, and he must have thought I meant "start filing the hell out of that spot," because that's what he did, and I yelled out in pain. The female technician next to him and other workers snickered and giggled, and then I think she translated to him what I had said. DO NOT BELIEVE THE POSITIVE REVIEWS. Avoid this place like the plague. It was a waste of $25. And I didn't even get a glass of wine.

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