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925 Garrett Street
(678) 705-8312

#1 Nails #1 Nails #1 Nails #1 Nails #1 Nails

Author: Kelly Travis Rating: 5
Saw this place and decided to get a manicure. I was very impress with this salon. It was very clean and the staff here are very friendly. Not only that, not once did the nail tech pierce my skin while removing the cuticles from my nails. Also she cut my nails evenly. After she was done, she fulfill all my requests on what color I wanted on my nails and little designs without a problem. When she was done, my nails look very pretty. Really enjoyed this salon. Will definitely be coming back here for sure.
Author: Maggie Fernandez Rating: 5
I was visiting my friend in the city for a couple of days. She gave me a couple of recommendations and this salon was one of them. When I went in, the salon was very clean and smells really nice. Didn't had any chemical smell lingering in the air. The techs working here are very pleasant. When it was my turn the nail tech working on my nails did a great job of removing the cuticles from my nails with ease. When she was done with everything. My nails looked absolutely refined! Just how I wanted them to look! Really sucks I don't live here with my friend. I would be coming here again and again!
Author: Jennifer Dean Rating: 5
This nail salon impressed me with their huge collection of gel and polish nail colors. There were too many great colors to choose from. Besides, the nail salon was a great place with plenty of space and comfortable chairs. I almost felt asleep as they gave me drinks and let me relax on those chairs. One more thing was that their price was so great with that service. Definitely, I will be back.
Author: Nora Thompson Rating: 5
LOVE THIS SALON SOOO MUCH!!! My first time here and it just blew me away! The nail techs working here are very polite and friendly. The salon is very alluring and spacious. Not a single dirt in there. Didn't have to wait long till a nail tech came and walked me to her station even though it was very packed. She was very gentle with me throughout the manicure. Not once did she pierce or cut me. She also comply to all my requests too. When she was done, my nails looked absolutely refined. Worth getting my nails done here!
Author: Jessica Fowler Rating: 5
One of the best places I have been to and I am speaking as someone who has been here for several times. Service is excellent. Everyone is so nice and professional. Techs are very skillful and gentle. They have good products and beautiful colors to choose from. I had a spa pedicure and a regular manicure today. The lady took her time and did not rush through steps. She sterilize and clean up the the station after use and that is a big big plus as sanitation is usually one of my biggest concern but I am completely comfortable being here. Price is very reasonable. Pretty much nothing to complain. Highly recommended !!

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Tuesday 10:00 am – 08:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am – 08:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am – 08:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 08:00 pm
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