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Willow Creek Pet Center

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Willow Creek Pet Center Willow Creek Pet Center Willow Creek Pet Center Willow Creek Pet Center Willow Creek Pet Center

Author: Miss Murphy Rating: 5
We have been coming here for years and have honed our preferences to which vets our pets get along with best. They take the time to diagnose and get to know your fur baby and also to answer emails in between visits. Our cat does best with one while our dog loves everyone. They are great with chronic conditions and will work with you to avoid surgery. I can't express enough how much we love them. I met one of the new vets tonight to treat my dog for a bladder infection and she was amazing. Give wcpc a chance, they are worth it.
Author: Alexandria Miller Rating: 1
Worst veterinarian I have ever been to. This place is all about money and not about the care of your pet at all. This place would rather have the money from you putting down your animal than the happiness of keeping your pup alive and healthy. They are liars and extremely rude. There has been issue after issue and we've finally had enough. I work with a lot of people and I will be sure to let them all know to steer clear from this place. If you or someone you know is looking for a vet please PLEASE please go somewhere else. Absolutely disgusted with this place and the people working in it. HIGHLY DISSATISFIED!!!
Author: Angela Weese Rating: 5
i am shocked to read all the negative reviews on this place! i have a chihuahua/pug mix who ingested one of my prescription Adderall and i brought him in at 11:30 at night and they were phenomenal with him, they told me he had gotten into some recreational drugs so i did not make the connection to my prescription drugs right away, i kept telling them no, he was not exposed to any recreational drugs until my friend pointed out that my prescription was amphetamines and thats when it hit me and i was able to tell them exactly what he got! Even though they suspected he had gotten illegal drugs, they never treated me with anything but the utmost respect. I was so upset i called them at 530am to check on him and they told me how he was doing and said i could come see him anytime. When i arrived to visit him, they brought me into the back rooms where he was in a cage and they let me hold him and pet him and he was still pretty.whacked out on the adderall but they had him on iv fluids and i was able to pick him up that night and he was back to his old self again. i couldnt be happier with their services. i was pretty freaked out when i brought him in and everyone was kind and professional and sincere. i recommend them to everyone. i never saw or heard anything that made me concerned about the quality of care my dog was receiving, i did see caring professionals dealing with very emotional situations and handling them with calm and sincere responses. I was so impressed with the people who worked the graveyard shift i brought them 2 dozen crispy creme donuts to say thank you!. i wonder if people have considered what a difficult job these people have and the volume of emergency situations they deal with every day and night. i know i personally couldnt handle the stress or the emotions involved when someone is looking to you to save their beloved pet. It is a huge responsibility and i think the staff takes their jobs very seriously. They saved my dogs life and i would not hesitate to take my Rico there again. Thank you again Willowcreek staff!
Author: Monica McCarthy Rating: 5
My baby Tegu that we just got yesterday prolapsed dis morning and we spent three hours trying to find an open vet that would work on reptiles. I could no be more happy with my experience here. The staff was helpful and kind. Also the Dr. Angie Ahlstrom was phenomenal. She cared about our baby, and she was honest. We don't know if he will make it through the night but he surely was in capable hand's and I thank her very much. Also the prices are not that bad especially for exotic pets!!
Author: Amber Skinner Rating: 1
I've been looking for a vet for my pups, and have been reading reviews on different places, I'm disgusted at how badly most of these people, and there animals have been treated at Willow Creek! Definitely won't be going here! If your dog needs grooming check out Doggie Decadence they are AMAZING, and so are there prices! I took my Golden Retreiver there for grooming, she's never looked better, they were so good with her, and they have great reviews!

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