417 Vapor

3873 South Campbell Avenue
(417) 890-2425

417 Vapor 417 Vapor 417 Vapor 417 Vapor 417 Vapor

Author: Kristy Cika Rating: 1
Stopped in to get some juice because based on their advertising I thought they might have some really good house juice. The bottle I bought tasted NOTHING like the sample. In fact, there was no flavor at all. it was horrible and of course they don't give refunds on house juice. ..
Author: Hope Van Buren Rating: 5
This place is great. I've been going to them for a long time. Friendly atmosphere. Always knowledgable and eager to help. Professional, and they have the best juice in my opinion. I have been to other stores and this place takes the cake, hands down.
Author: Fanatexeyahur Rating: 1
Tried out this place for the first time, bought a starter kit, and a week or so later when I'm on my second coil I look and realize that they gave me the wrong coil. They gave me a 1.5 ohm coil for my 3.7v kanger battery. Thing fried up my juice and wasted so much of it. Very very annoyed at the lack of attention they gave on building up my starter kit. I'll only be visiting this store one more time in my life and that's to get this useless coil swapped out. This store is ridiculously overpriced anyways, they literally sell stuff for DOUBLE what you can get it for online. I mean I get the fact they need to make some money, but there's a difference between profit, and straight ripping people off. Do NOT go here, do a quick google search and find a good online vendor (there's plenty) and get your money's worth.
Author: Cameron Tower Rating: 5
Love this place, the 2 bad reviews are from vapor world employees. I went around to different vapor stores to find what I wanted. vapor world is a chain and the kids in there preferred to do cloud tricks rather than help me..vaporholics is a good place friendly people but if you want knowledge and great customer service and friendly people as well then 417 is the place to go. I send all my friends here.
Author: Dustin Dovidio Rating: 1
Customer service there is a joke! I was very loyal to 417 until I sent in and was sold a package price for a sub tank and battery for 165.77 and the person in front of me spent 120.89 on the same thing. I asked how I get that deal and the guy ( talk one always looks stoned and is very pushy ) told me it was a friend discount. Well that is bs my buddies sent in there got the EXACT same set ups and prices carried to 105 and some change to 159 and some change..... Now I go to vapor world and I LOVE it there.. Thanks 417 you just took money and gave it to vapor world!!! No ONE THERE HAS SWAMP A$$

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