Babe's Music Bar

20685 Holyoke Avenue
(952) 469-5200

Babe's Music Bar Babe's Music Bar Babe's Music Bar

Author: Seanne Dreyling Rating: 1
Cut off for no reason. No explanation. I'm completely coherent. Had three drinks prior. Completely uncalled for.
Author: Anonymous Anonymous Rating: 1
Charged me $3.50 for water, it was billed as an "alcoholic beverage" for some reason. Giving one star because of lack of respect for designated drivers. Most bars give free water or soda to designated drivers and charging 3.50 for a glass of tap water is absolutely ridiculous.
Author: Bryan Quirk Rating: 1
We were a party of 6 on Wednesday night "all you can eat" or should I say all your willing to wait for ribs and it seemed like we were invisible to our waiter. Pops and beers sat empty after he passed us multiple times, when we finally did get our food after almost an hour after ordering we tried to ask for more drinks before the wait staff walked away and we were simply ignored. A few of us put in a re-order for ribs right when the first helping came out and still had to wait another 30 minutes for our next helping. We asked to speak with the manager who obviously has no customer service skills because we told him about the service and he stated that those wait times are typical on a all you can eat night due to an undersized oven in the kitchen. So unlike any other manager in the restaurant business he was unwilling to comp any part of the meal or give any kind of apology. So our "all you can eat" turned into waiting a total of almost 2 1/2 hours for 2 small helpings of ribs. I would avoid this place unless you plan on spending all night there and aren't thirsty at all.
Author: Cool Dude Rating: 5
Good food great service, Wednesday unlimited ribs are awesome.
Author: Frank Cordova Rating: 5
Thought the music was awesome, food and service was fast and good! :) what more could you ask for!

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