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AA Auto Technicians Inc AA Auto Technicians Inc AA Auto Technicians Inc AA Auto Technicians Inc AA Auto Technicians Inc

Author: nicole schwartz Rating: 5
I've never been here because my dad fixes my cars but I now have a breathalyzer in my car and have to see them every month to get it calibrated. They just started offering this and I have been to 2 other shops. They are by far the best place. Always friendly and they get me in asap everytime as I am not good at getting it done before the last minute. I usually don't take the time to write reviews but I just had to. You guys are amazing and I will tell everyone about you!
Author: A Google User Rating: 2
i brought my car into them about 2 months ago to get a simple oil change done. they got it in right away and the cost was cheap. but i was wondering why the engine kept getting hot right away. driving maybe a block and it would be hot. today i took it in to a different place to get tires done and i find out there is a oil leak. when i got the oil change done i had no oil leake or atleast i didnt think i did. they never told me about this or they caused this. either way i have to spend more money to get it fixed. i will not be taking it back to them. caused more harm then good.
Author: Daniel Dawson Rating: 1
My car was having issues, so i brought it in to AA Auto Technicians in Hastings MN. After biting the bullet and spending close to $500 on repairs, i picked up my car and it was still having issues. They also never supplied me a receipt for the repairs, and i had to ask for it at a later time. He told me to just "drive it around the block a few times" (Letting a customer drive a still not fixed unsafe vehicle off of the lot) and I did, trusting his judgement. At this point he had not even done a diagnostic (unknown to me because i was never given a receipt, and just assumed that's what a shop would do first thing). The vehicle was still having issues, but he said that it would "Work itself out" over time, so i brought it home, trusting he knew what was going on. The next day when i tried to start the vehicle, there was still issues and i could barely drive it. The same issues i brought it in for the first time. I brought the vehicle back and it sat for almost a month. I contacted the shop multiple times, and spent my gas to go there and talk with the manager. Each time, i was told "Ill either get to it tomorrow, or the next day" and then "oh, for sure by this friday, or saturday or monday". Each time i went in, i explained explicitly "Do not spend any more money on the vehicle without letting me know in advance" believing him when he said he would "look it over for you". Well, after a few weeks went by, i decided to stop by again and ask again when it would be done. I finally got them to look at it today, after i called this morning 6/29. They brought the car in, and preformed a diagnostic without asking my permission first, and requested that i pay $50 for a diagnostic that should have been done when i brought the vehicle in the FIRST TIME. I then asked him why he would say he would not stick to his word and run the codes for me after it sat for almost a month, and then preform a paid diagnostic without my permission. To which he yelled at me that "I need to learn how a shop works" and that he was going to "Call the towing company now and have it impounded" and continued to yell at me on the phone until he hung up saying I could "Pick it up from impound". I NEVER said that I was not going to pay the fee, i was simply asking if that is how he conducts business, and if it was fair to charge me more money for a vehicle that had not been fixed in the first place. And also why he never ran a diagnostic when i put $500 into the repairs the first time i brought it in. To close, I was given back a non working vehicle, I was told to drive it off of the lot, and that it would basically work itself out, and now after it sitting in his lot for almost a month, and after tons of excuses and failed promises, he is going to charge me more money and threaten to tow my car. He also stated "go ahead, complain to the BBB, i have been a member for many years and we can file a counterclaim and will." This is not how a business should be run, and i suggest you take your car elsewhere.
Author: Jeremiah Peterson Rating: 1
Do not Support this place in any way. The shop manager, a guys name Lauren, a GIRLS name, cussed me out for simply wanting to know the state of my vehicle, which I depend on for work, and broke down 40 mins from home. The part that really gets me, is I only called three times and each time he lead me on like i was done, to the point Im sitting with a friend 40 mins from home waiting to pick it up, 2 days LATER than he originally told me, and cusses me out for calling 30 mins before close asking if it was done. He wasted tons of my time and the swore at me. If i wasn't trying to hard to figure out why he was so mad, I would have been Irate and told him where to put it.
Author: Sonia Krech Jacobsen Rating: 5
Over my lifetime, I have owned a variety of used cars, all in various states of repair. I have paid for services at small garages, chain stores and dealerships. I have rarely received the level of service and care that I have found at AA Auto Techs. After my latest repair on my well-used mini-van, a factory part failed. I anticipated paying at least $50 for the time it took the guys to fix the part and clean up the mess it made. Loren and his team sent me on my way with a repaired van and a smile. My family will be taking all our cars here from now on. There is nothing better than knowing your car will be fixed, as it should be, without the dance of unnecessary extras so many places will try to sell you. Anyone in or near Hastings should do themselves a favor and bring their cars to AA Auto Technicians.

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