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Award Nails & Spa

3814 West Old Shakopee Road
(952) 465-3588

Award Nails & Spa Award Nails & Spa Award Nails & Spa Award Nails & Spa Award Nails & Spa

Author: Melissa Gonzales Rating: 5
OMG!!! Cleanest nail salon I've ever been! Everything was spotless which is always a plus. Their services and works went over my expectations. Everyone was very friendly to their customers and they cleaned up every tools that were used for previous customers. Their pedi chair was very comfortable to sit on. I had Gel Manicure done and my tech did it perfectly. The color on my nails looked so pretty and fabulous. Price was cheap for such a high quality products they used on me. I can't wait to see them again!!!
Author: Becky Reed Rating: 5
I was a little shocked to see the bad reviews while I just had an amazing experience. Just everything I would need from a nail salon. Clean and organized. The interior actually looks great. They have a huge set of good quality products and beautiful colors for you to choose from. Techs take their time to get the job done but manage to finish in a timely manner. Competitive price comparing many other places around the area.
Author: Alexa Powell Rating: 5
The Super courteous and efficient staff are simply amazing here - from the heavenly massages to an amazing manicure/pedicure.  Love the attention to detail and most of all, the quiet yet very attentive owner, who ensures everyone walks out her door with a happy smile and having a wonderful time. 
Author: Brittany Hemmesch Rating: 1
I went here for the first time on Saturday to get a manicure for my engagement pictures I had on Sunday. I told them I just wanted a manicure and every 2 minutes (not exaggerating) they asked if I wanted gel nails instead. I said no every single time and also said I could not have them for my job (I work in healthcare) and they still kept pushing the gel nails. Long story short, my nails chipped less than 24 hours later and it's now 3 days after getting them done and I have only 4 nails that have polish left on them...the rest have all chipped off. I will not go here again.
Author: Alice Campbell Rating: 5
It feels very awarding to find such a good salon around the area. Being able to feel comfortable in Award Nail's staff hands. I really like the salon interior very nice and pleasing to the eye. I really like the decent prices here for such a high quality service. I am really impressed!

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