Annie's Wok

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Annie's Wok

Author: tom p Rating: 1
Take out Sesame chicken. I make better at home...and with a price of $17 for an order of egg rolls and sesame chicken--- I will from now on.
Author: Lori B Rating: 5
LOVE Annies Wok! When we first moved to the area I had a hard time finding a good Asian restaurant. Someone from work recommended Annies and we rarely go anywhere else now for Chinese. Even after moving out of the area, we drive across town for their Sweet and Sour Chicken and Cream Cheese Puffs. Their chicken is nice big pieces of good quality meat. The portions are huge and the service is excellent! After my divorce I became a regular every other Sunday customer (lol-sterotype single women) and they soon learned my name, my favs and would even recognize me when I called with my order! They always ask how we've been and what's new. Now remarried with five children, we still get their food, everyone has their personal favorite and we wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Great place and great people!
Author: Shawna Fruth Rating: 5
Our family eats here all the time and we also do take out all of the time. As I am reading these reviews I am shocked! They have fantastic food and fantastic service. I have never been there where I haven't had wonderful service and wonderful food and I am super picky with both service and food. The amount of food this place gives you is amazing...a ton for your money!!! We even went there once recently and they were ready to close for the night (we forgot how late it was) and the guy said oh no come on in ita not a big deal at all. They didnt rush us at all, even though they were closed by the time we ordered and made us feel so welcome and so relaxed. Now if I would have been a waitress I would have been annoyed but not them they were over ths top nice. Plus I had a little guy with us and was not behaving and they were ao patient. I would definitely give them a try and not go by what these reviews say because like I said I have been there several times and have never once had bad service or food. I am glad I saw these reviews because I recently git a new phone and lots my contacts so I had to look up their number on the web and ran into the reviews. So glad I could put my thoughts about this restaurant out there. Great food Annie's Wok. I am so glad you are in the area I live in.
Author: PMarie F Rating: 3
Service was very nice. Maybe it was what I ordered, but this food was not the quality I expect. The sweet sour soup tasted like no other and I do not mean that in the best way. The cream cheese wontons were fine and my dining partner had chicken with pineapple that looked nice. My General Tso's chicken was NOT up to my standard. I would recommend this place with reservations. I would suggest talking to frequent diners to find out what is the house specialty. Nice service.
Author: A Google User Rating: 2
We ordered take out and were incredibly disappointed. I'm a big fan of General Tso's Chicken, but the chicken was very low quality and the sauce had a beef base to it that was very obvious, and very little spice. My husband ordered the sweet and sour chicken, and while the chicken was good, the sauce was not impressive. Citrus dominated the flavor of the sauce, and there was little else to it. The cream cheese puffs were okay, but not fantastic. We did enjoy the fried rice. Other than that, the cost was way to high and the food was unimpressive. We will not be returning.

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