Back Stop Sports Pub

533 Avenue B
(702) 294-8445

Back Stop Sports Pub

Author: A Google User Rating: 1
How can I put this...I have never been to a trashier place than the BackStop. All the patrons seem to be white trash. The bartenders have bad attitudes and it is hard to even get a drink. Drugs are sold out of this bar also by Mark & Keith. The bartenders drink as much at the patrons. The Boulder City cops are called quite often to this establishment. The owner doesn't much care what goes on in his bar as he lives in a different state. The only it might be fun to go here is to freak watch.
Author: A Google User Rating: 3
Friendly, free-pouring bartenders and cheap drinks. Shuffleboard! On the other hand, expect to get lung cancer just by walking through the door.
Author: Michael Darby Rating: 1
Author: A Google User Rating: 5