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Author: Corri Stanley Rating: 1
NEVER PURCHASE A GROUPON FOR THEM! I made the mistake of purchasing a permanent eyeliner service from them through Groupon and they think that means half the service for the half price they discounted it. Thinking I'm purchasing the $200 value for $85, I'm told while I'm getting it done that I will not be able to come back and get it fixed or touched up without paying the touchup fee which is $85-110 depending on how much they think they should charge me at the time. But if I would have purchased the full service of $200, I would get a free touchup. So, after researching Groupon, the Groupon purchase itself, and their website, nowhere does it state that you are purchasing a lower quality service if you buy the Groupon. When I addressed my concern to them, Sherry/Sharmin became defensive and uncooperative and said it is her discretion who gets a free touchup and who doesn't. And because I paid for the service through Groupon, she isn't making any money, so she will not honor her $200 value service with free touchup. She went on to argue that she did the eyeliner, not half of it, though she didn't make it as thick as I asked her to, one eye line is longer and more pointed than the other, and the other one is fat and round on the end, almost like a tear drop. Now I have to find another business to fix her mistakes because she refuses to complete her work with a touchup, work that could not fully be seen to know if it even needed to take place until the swelling and scabs subsided a week later. I will also disclose that the "numbing" cream never works, it is a lot of pain with little to no instruction on where to move your pupils or where to look so she isn't pressing down on them, she wore a medical mask around her chin, not her face, and didn't clean the room from the previous client until I was already in there waiting, and ended up getting sprayed in the face with her cleaner. I've always made a point to be nice, and usually only write good reviews or just keep it to myself, but this place went above and beyond to make sure I spent the time to write a review to warn any future clients of theirs.
Author: Rhonda Tucker Rating: 5
A friend and I went for permanent makeup and it was a great experience for both of us. Everything was clean and Sherry was very professional. Her work was beyond amazing. We both felt beautiful when we left the salon. We will definitely go back. Highly recommend.
Author: Mango Jones Rating: 2
The one good thing I can say, is my eyebrows look fine- just okay. I came here with my girl friend this week and the staff was extremely rude from the moment we walked in. The girl doing my eyebrows was speaking loudly into my ear to another staff member as she threaded me. Never have I had threading hurt this badly (I've been getting my brows threaded for years) and me and my friend were both bleeding after leaving. My eyebrows hurt for about two days. Do not recommend. Go to golden glow instead if you can (she was closed that day) or even bombay salon is better.
Author: Angie White Rating: 4
I love being able to drop in and always get in and out quickly. Not only are they polite, they do a tremendous yet meticulous job on shaping and making sure I am always pleased with my threading before I leave. Definitely would recommend for threading & will keep driving out of way to go there.
Author: Brandi Nicole Rating: 1
Terrible Terrible Terrible customer service. I'm not one to complain but I have given this company numerous chances. Let me say that not all of their employees have bad customer service skills but recently I have encountered 3 that have put the icing on the cake. last week I went in for an eyebrow wax the lady refused because she felt that I should get a brow threading. I left in hopes of returning on a different day to my regular specialist. I returned today & to my surprise there was a new face. She didn't properly wax my brows and she dropped wax on my clothing and lashes. No apologies were given and a nonchalant attitude (which she always has) was given by the oldest lady with short dark hair and glasses who spits when she speaks. I'm so disappointed and I don't understand the treatment towards a loyal customer who doesn't complain at all. I will not recommend this location to anyone.

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