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Ashley Furniture HomeStore

102 Alan Wood Road
(610) 825-2171

Author: Joel Hoffman Rating: 5
Yes - service in the store is great. The selection and prices are better than any of the 5 places we shopped. I worked with Joe and the store manager, John. And yes they were all smiles but they were also about action. They were able to deal and get my delivery quicker. My experience with out of store service is also great! I was told when I would be called to schedule my delivery. I was called at that time. I was provided a 4 window for the delivery and it was spot on. I couldn't ask for more than that.
Author: Anabelle Doulas Rating: 3
In the store, they were helpful-- but it seems like they tell you what they want you to hear. I knew that it may take a while for my couch to arrive; however, in the store they told me they could deliver that weekend or the following. However, it was delivered after 3 weeks. It would be better if they didn't say anything to get my hopes up. The delivery was late, but it was raining, so I understand. Customer service called me an hour after the delay to inform me that they would be late (I could have guessed that). Yet, the delivery team was quick and efficient. They delivered the couch up to my 2nd floor apartment within five minutes (with how much of a tight fit my hallway is, that it amazing).
Author: Ariel Finnen Rating: 3
I bought a piece from Ashley Furniture. I expected it to take time to come in, which it did. We scheduled it for delivery and we let them know our apartment was a 3 story walk up. Once the piece arrived the delivery men complained about the walk up and claimed they did not know. They got the item in the correct room and realized only HALF of the parts were there. When the piece arrived to their warehouse, why wouldn't they have checked to make sure ALL the pieces were there???? They then had US explain to their manager what parts they needed. It took a week to get the parts and took another week for me to get someone from the "furniture doctor" to contact me about setting it up. I had this piece delivered a month in advanced from when I needed it, now I need it this weekend and they will be setting it up the day I need it. Not to mention I told them I need this done in the morning and the only window they could give me was 2-4pm. This couldn't be any more inconvenient. Because of this experience, I am hesitant to ever buy from them again if it is going to take two months to get the furniture and have it set up.

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