Asian Garden

1985 Lincoln Way
(412) 672-5788

Author: Joe Conti Rating: 2
When I called, the woman nearly got my address incorrect, putting an errant 5 in the front of my address, no idea why. I ordered Moo Goo Gai Pan, Wonton Soup and Sushi (Salmon roll and Yellowtail Roll). Food arrived within 35-40 minutes so not bad there. I was more excited about the sushi than just about everything else so I started to try that first. The yellowtail roll was enjoyable and I ate every piece of it and moved onto the Salmon roll, which tasted like it has been sitting out for days. I tried two more pieces before I finally gave up and moved onto the Moo Goo Gai Pan. None of the "min-corns" barely any carrots and the chicken had that same "sat out too long" type flavor. I'm too afraid of getting food poisoning to try and eat the wonton soup. Don't even bother. It sucks too because they deliver.
Author: Pavel Bure Rating: 4
I don't think the person who wrote the sushi review ate at this restaurant. They probably ate at the other "Asian Garden" because this restaurant does not serve sushi. This place is really good and their egg rolls are excellent and not too greasy.
Author: Anthony Bonante Rating: 4
Been going there since they opened, the quality of the food is very good, the prices are reasonable, and we haven't had a bad order yet.
Author: A Google User Rating: 1
Food was nasty, Never eat there again
Author: A Google User Rating: 5
Food was amazing

Opening Hours
Monday 12:00 pm – 09:30 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 09:30 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 09:30 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 09:30 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 09:30 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 09:30 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 09:30 pm