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Author: John G Rating: 3
I've been going here for over a decade. Every time I go here, I spend the next several months fixing their billing mistakes from my last visit. Either they are billing me when they should be billing my insurance, or they are misbilling my insurance and I'm getting the nastygrams because of it. Also every time I go here, one of the previous fillings they gave me suddenly needs to be replaced - even if the X-rays don't show it. I figure that's how they drum up business. Some of the staff are friendly, others are somewhat rude...it depends on the day. Dr. Z did a good job and seemed pretty reasonable, but they say he's only doing the big jobs now and some new lady who barely speaks English is doing the other work. She also seems over-zealous in drumming up business, and she has recommended work that Dr. Z already told me I don't need. They do decent dentistry work here and are fairly easy to get an appointment with, but be cautious when it comes to the business end.
Author: Johnny Schepps Rating: 1
I read most reviews before scheduling an appointment, most had negative things to say. Instead of listening to the reviews i scheduled an appointment. The Oral Surgeon I saw regarding wisdom teeth that needed to be extracted was very rude. He made it seem like he had better things to do than discuss my surgery. Before the appointment I was told that they would communicate with my insurance and i would only have to pay a co-pay. When I got there I was told they were not able to get in contact with my insurance and I would have to pay in full today but they would continue to try and get in touch with my insurance so that I can get reimbursed. I left the appointment and did not schedule the surgery because I never wanted to go back there. 2 Weeks later I called them(they were supposed to call me about my insurance), the women who was supposed to look into my insurance had been fired and no one else took over my reimbursement. I called back a week later and finally they had put in a claim. A month later i receive a letter from my insurance saying that they sent a check to Advanced dental and that i still owed the rest, the problem is I had allready payed in full and the money was supposed to be sent to me. I have been calling advanced dental for the last 2 weeks and no one has gotten back to me about getting my money back. SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE...DO NOT GO HERE!
Author: colette green Rating: 5
Our family has been going to ADOS for the last ten years. My children have needed extensive care both dental and ortho. By far this is the cleanest, professional, and caring office I have ever seen. Dr. Reiss and Dr. Sandler are wonderful !! I'm shocked by the negative feedback Ive seen here and have to say we have never witnessed any of it. As I said, extensive work has been done on my children and we are there at least once every three weeks for over two years.
Author: Brian King Rating: 2
I had many of the same problems that other reviewers encountered.., The staff is clearly unrefined and utterly uncoordinated. The Doctors are equally clueless and there is no comprehensive care. Once I realized this I took my dental needs elsewhere which is when I discovered the uber rude office manager, who took the poor service that I had received and lowered it to a whole new level. If you haven't been there yet, SAVE YOURSELF THE NIGHTMARE. If you have been there and are just starting to realize the mistake you have made, I wish you luck in extracting your self.
Author: Wurm Deutsch Rating: 2
The oral surgeon is good, however the Orthodontist and Dentist's are unquestionably horrible. The Orthodontist seems ignorant and I'd feel more comfortable letting a five year-old glue brackets to my teeth, and as far as Dr. Reiss, you can't even understand the woman. I'd advise whomever, by all means, to avoid this office. The staff is unrefined and rude, the "bed-side" manner is terrible. Simply put, I truly believe that this is the worst dental office I have ever come across.