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Aldee's Sportswear

114 Commack Road
(631) 499-1296

Author: A Google User Rating: 1
I had an absolutely terrible experience(s) at Aldees. It is a terrible store that I will never,ever go to again. The clothes are way overpriced. They charge 40.00 for a basic tee-shirt which you can get at target for $6.99. The owner is a wich and follows you around the whole store, and talks you into buying things that do not sell well and stats that ": this is so popular, everyone that comes in buys it". Well, Dee, If it is so popular you do not need my purchase for it? They are very rude and if you do not like something she will insult your taste of clothes. She also told me and my mom that everything in the store is discounted and will be discounted at the register, yet when there was a shirt for 6.99, which looked like piece of cloth, she stated " there is no place you can get a shirt cheaper than 6.99. That was our last straw. They are so unprofessional there. I was going to buy a dress, and it was supposed to be discounted. And i had to make a comment AFTER the reciept was printed and she was like" oh I will only give you 10 percent off. Meanwhile she was the one who told us about the sale. Horrible store, I would never go in there. If you have pre-teen/ teen daughters I highly reccomed you go to Joyce Leslies. Great service there and get a lot for your money with fashionable clothes. Also at Aldees they give NO money back.I am never stepping foot in that store, and i suggest you do not go either.