Abie & Bimbo's Pizza

1017 Highland Avenue
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Abie & Bimbo's Pizza Abie & Bimbo's Pizza Abie & Bimbo's Pizza Abie & Bimbo's Pizza Abie & Bimbo's Pizza

Author: sarah schmidt Rating: 2
I did get food, so I can't give it only 1 star. But my order was incorrect, and the menu I ordered from, which came from their website, was from 2010. The prices were incorrect, as I later found out. I ordered 2 large (16 cut) pizzas, one plain and one pepperoni; 1 ham and cheese hoagie, lettuce and tomato only; and 1 ham and cheese hoagie, only meat and cheese. 45 minutes later, (which is shorter than what they told me, earning them 1 more star), I received 2 pizzas and 1 hoagie. I called back thinking it was an oversight that I only got 1 sandwich, since the two sandwiches were nearly identical. The girl on the phone, who sounded as if she had been the one who took my order, said that whoever did in fact take the order, only wrote down 1 sandwich. So I asked if they could give me my second sandwich I had originally asked for. She said to give the driver $8, since that is the price of the sandwich- never mind the fact that they recorded the order wrong!! I said I would not pay, since I just paid $37.50, and that should have included the price of 2 sandwiches and 2 pizzas. I told her I got the menu from their website link, and she said "that was from 2010 and prices have changed." That's all- no offer to refund or send the reordered food over. No convenience made for the paying customer whatsoever! I did receive hot food, which I enjoyed, but the customer service was the worst I have ever had over the phone. Absolutely no attempt to right the situation that they messed up in their shop! I gave 2 stars since we did eat, although not everyone got what they ordered. I will never order from this restaurant again, and with as much competition as there is in Greensburg, PA for pizza, I will be telling my neighbors and friends not to waste their time trying to get through a busy signal to have someone take their order "incorrectly" and not try to satisfy their customers.
Author: Cindy Heater Rating: 2
The pizza wasn't cook well enough. Waited about 5 min in the shop till someone came out to wait on me. I have been eating this pizza for years and since you have moved it has gone down hill. Very disappointed!!!!
Author: Brian Ries Rating: 1
0 Stars , my office orders from here alot and now all the sudden they cant deliver on time , food is cold by time it gets to you . People on phone are rude . we call 2 hours ahead of time and they cant ever be on time......We are done . you just lost $thousands from an office of over 200 people
Author: Debbie Bartolomucci Rating: 5
Best pizza!! The fish sandwiches are awesome, too!!

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