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1825 South Perryville Road
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Author: Ronald Cox Rating: 5
Got replacement Duracell batteries for my wife's and my car, and the price was at least $10 lower than anywhere else, including Sam's Club. Plus, I had an Internet coupon for 10% off, which they honored for both. And, they even installed the one in my car while I was there for free. Tech was very careful, even spraying the terminals to prevent corrosion. Install was done in about 5 minutes. I'd go back! No complaints. I've rarely gone there for batteries in the past, because they were very expensive. But now, it looks like they're trying to be competitive.
Author: JP Yamaha Rating: 2
Needed to replace battery in auto key fob. After handing fob to tech I could tell he didn't know how to open it, so I took it back & opened it for him. The unit took a standard CR2032 button battery & after the tech "installed" the battery he handed the fob back to me, I set the battery into the recess & re-installed the cover. Thought the price was pretty high ($7.99 plus tax), but assumed it was because it was a lithium battery & the car in question is a BMW. Only after I get home do I notice on the receipt that I was charged for installation of the battery. Called & was told that I probably shouldn't have been charged for installation, but not much that could be done now. Really?
Author: Pathik Shah Rating: 1
Avoid getting your watch battery replaced here. I saw the sign for $5.99 so I thought I check it out, so in under a minute they had the watch battery out and unfortunately they didn't have the battery in stock so they gave it back to me. As I put my watch back on, the crown fell off from my watch, and I told the person that disassembled my watch about the issue. The guy stated that he received the watch in the same condition, as I clearly remember when I walked in the store my watch was in perfect condition, except for the battery working. All in all, I left frustrated and with a broken watch so try and go to a jeweler to get your watch battery replaced.

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