Acapulco Joe's Mexican Foods

365 West Illinois Street
(317) 637-5160

Acapulco Joe's Mexican Foods Acapulco Joe's Mexican Foods Acapulco Joe's Mexican Foods Acapulco Joe's Mexican Foods Acapulco Joe's Mexican Foods

Author: Jay Davis Rating: 3
The breakfast is pretty good, but be careful how you order it. Sunday morning, the day of the Brick Yard Race, myself and three others went there to have breakfast. Three of us ordered the biscuits and gravy and asked for two eggs over easy to go with it. Like I said the food was good but when we got our bill, they charged each of us $5.19 for two eggs. Now I think that is very over priced for two eggs. We questioned our server about it and her response was " that's they way it rang up". Another thing; there was only one server on the floor, poor thing was trying but it wasn't fair to her, this was managements problem. She also was the greeter, took you in and sat you down and also the cashier. I don't care how good the food may be, if the service is always bad and you charge customers $5.19 for two eggs, you wont last long....What a shame!
Author: Blaine Deaton Rating: 5
Really great place to eat, the best tacos in town! My only problem is that the waiting service is hit and miss, sometimes you may only see your waitress once, sometimes she will be on it. A small thing I think the owner should change is the cost of adding a taco to your meal, the price is currently $3.49 which is outrageous, other than that they have amazing salsa and killer tacos. I highly recommend it and hope they expand soon

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