Bella Vita Restaurant

22471 Lougheed Highway
(604) 467-3212

Author: Leslie Hall Rating: 5
What a wonderful evening!! Four of us were welcomed by a lovely young lady who even hung our coats up for us. We booked early and she gave us a choice of either sitting at the window or in front of the fireplace. We chose the fireplace. The restaurant is beautiful and was clean and inviting. We were then served by a very pleasant and efficient waiter (Hale). He made this one of our best dinner experiences in a very long time. Being a former caterer myself, little details are critical in making a guest's visit memorable. Hale was exceptional with the service he provided, looking after our every need (i.e., water bowl for fingers, asking if more water was wanted, was the meal to our liking [cooked doneness, time to bring desserts, etc.] and the list goes on). This being our first time at Bella Vita, we will be sure to visit often. Thanks, Hale! Les and Di
Author: Colin Noden Rating: 5
The new ownership has kept all that was good about this place and refreshed the decor and spirit of the staff. Bela Vita has long been known as a traditional restaurant, suitable for special family gatherings. The 3 course prix fixe menu is still there, with several choices for each course. We had a variety of dishes and all were well executed. The house wine is labeled on the menu, so you can accurately make a decision. The wine menu is good and has some quality wines at a reasonable cost. So upgrading to a bottle of wine is more of a decision of how much wine the table will consume. The service was excellent and well paced. We were there for a pleasant visit with friends, so appreciated the immediate warm (not microwaved) multi-grain buns and quick service on the drinks. The rest of the dinner was served at a leisurely pace, and we were asked if we wanted more or less time between courses. Also, the white wine was not cool enough for my friends` taste. It was taken back without question and a new bottle was quickly chilled to a temperature more to their liking. All in all, the service was equal to a restaurant in the diamond ratings rather than star ratings. I mentioned the decor earlier. It still has the same warm traditional decor, but the cleanliness is obvious. A fireplace and various levels help to keep the cozy private feel. The lounge has been transformed into more of a pub environment and is completely separate from the restaurant now. It caters to a more casual experience, and was quite busy when we walked by.