Westbrook Dental Clinic

100 Keewatin Street
(204) 633-6200

Author: Jack Jack Rating: 1
The initial staff were nice but my experience here was tragic and scaring a dentist I seen her did not listen to my commands as a patient let me begin this with one of my first visit I had a tooth that was rotted and need extraction the dentist told me I need a root canal I told him "NO" pull it out so I don't need to worry later on I thought to my self as I told him but he refused me and said no to me he will do the root canal and I understand he only wanted to get paid he never cared about my quality of life im covered by status and I know the root canal is an expensive useless procedure I caved into his commanding voice, I have MAJOR sensitivity with my oral standing after he did the root canal witch failed and caused me further suffering then he extracted the tooth after I went back and got it x rayed I got sick from it the last visit was the Extraction I asked him if it would hurt he promised me it would not hurt but it was the most single handed painful experience in my life he hurt me physically and mentally I was reduced to ears in seconds as he tugged and pulled and busted my tooth in my mouth his nurse knew something was terribly wrong I should not be in that amount of pain I was shaking so bad and sweating profusely the nurse surrounded me in cold wet paper towels for witch im glad she did but the dentist or now I will say torture master now do not go here avoid this place they scared me for life I haven't been back to any dentist im to afraid after the pain and suffer I endured at this facility...
Author: winnipeg manitoba Rating: 5
chad Whittington lady that works upfront very rude never go back there again
Author: Ryan Alexander Morin Rating: 5
The staff here are kind, smart, considerate and awesome! :)
Author: mike bohemier Rating: 1
Staff were nice but I have gone to a different dentist due to move and a month after I was told there were many things overlooked and not completed would not recommend this establishment