Aodake Asian Bistro

4650-4652 North Clark Street
(773) 271-9889

Aodake Asian Bistro Aodake Asian Bistro Aodake Asian Bistro Aodake Asian Bistro Aodake Asian Bistro

Author: Bill Nobis Rating: 5
We stopped by for breakfast and ordered two Dan Bings (the Taiwanese crepe). The crepes were jam-packed with eggs, cheese, and meat. My wife had the traditional which had a delicious flaky/crispy pork. My sausage one was also delicious. The crepe was just the right thickness and crisp. We also got a side of toast, which apparently is house-made Japanese bread, kinda brioche like with a slight sweetness. Large selection of Japanese drinks and treats you probably would only elsewise be able to find at Mitsuwa. The service was outstanding. Great value for the money. The space they have may be a bit too formal and spacious for the "fast casual" concept they are going for, but don't let the decor and large space scare you away. We will definitely be back to try a lunch or dinner. Great addition to the neighborhood and I would say it's even worth making a trek to try the Dan Bing which seems pretty unique for the Chicago area. After breakfast we took advantage of the free wifi and did some work, very comfortable spot to hang out in.
Author: Andrew Ng Rating: 5
When I first saw this place I was so happy to see a parking lot. As you all know, parking in Chicago is a mission itself. Once inside, I noticed how nice and sleek everything looked. I ordered a Godzilla, Pink Lady, And Spanish Grasshopper because the employees there told me the specialty rolls are their most popular rolls from their other 2 locations in the suburb. My Friend ordered a Filet Minon Teriyaki with rice. We also ordered some sake. After we paid, we were given a number to place on the stand of what ever table we wanted to sit at. While waiting I checked my phone and realized they had free wifi here! After we finished eating, my friend and I both agree that this is going to end up being our new hangout spot. We absolutely loved our experience there that evening. Before we left, we couldn't help but ordered 2 more chocolate pastry. It was sooooooooo good. Very soft and not too sweet.
Author: Tony Yu Rating: 5
We are a friend of Rose Violet my fiance Rebecca & I we well check out your restaurant sometime soon maybe even tomorrow depending on how work goes if you are hiring let me know my fiance is currently seeking a job.
Author: Haiming Xu Rating: 5
Meat Love Dan Bin is so good! I love it.

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