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Batteries Plus Bulbs

100 East Golf Road
(630) 380-5000

Batteries Plus Bulbs Batteries Plus Bulbs Batteries Plus Bulbs Batteries Plus Bulbs Batteries Plus Bulbs

Author: William Lu Rating: 5
This is a great place. They are not only the only place that carries a battery for my Blackberry Curve 9360, but also the people who know the technical details and provide excellent customer service. Larry is a great guy, who generously gave me a 10% discount after a rude customer insisted that he pick up his battery first, knowing I was there before him. I am on a business trip with a dead cell battery, and hence a Blackberry that turned into a brick. No words can express how big a difference Batteries Plus has made in saving my business trip, and how grateful I am, for their incredible product selection and excellent customer services. In fact, they are quite well-known amongst locals. It is a bit surprising to me there are only two reviews prior to this one. Anyway, GREAT JOB, Batteries Plus! I LOVE you!

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