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Allied Motorworks

6820 West Sylvania Avenue
(419) 515-4000

Allied Motorworks Allied Motorworks Allied Motorworks Allied Motorworks Allied Motorworks

Author: Sam Marcellino Rating: 5
I took my BMW to John last January for a major repair (approx. $3,000 in repairs). I can not honestly say that it was the fastest auto repair, but I can certainly say it was the most honest. There were some additional issues that complicated the repair, but I was charged fairly. He explained everything clearly, and even removed some of the labor costs, because he realized the financial strains this repair was causing me (still in law school at the time). Because the repair took longer than he originally thought it would, he got a rental car for me at no cost to make sure I could get to work/around town. Furthermore, after the repair was complete there was a repair needed that could have been attributed to a mistake on his shop’s end. Instead of arguing, being rude, and challenging the claim, he paid for the repair and called back to make sure everything went alright. There is an unfortunate stigma that comes along with being in the car repair business. As with any business, a few bad apples have ruined it all for guys like John. He was one of the most honest, up front, caring mechanics I have ever dealt with. There was never a time that I felt as though he was trying to scam me, or take advantage of my trust. I no longer live in Toledo, but if I did, I would certainly take my car to Allied. John is a great mechanic with years of experience. However, he also clearly understands the business side of the operation, as he went above and beyond to make sure that both my car and I were taken care of. If there were more like John out there, you wouldn’t even need to waste your time reading this review. However, since you do, I figured I should put in my good words for him.
Author: Carrie Zelasko Rating: 5
John at Allied showed great concern and explained my car's issues. I never felt that they were trying to sell me more than what was actually required to fix my car. They updated me on the progress of the repair and even told me what repairs I would expect in the future. Glad to have found a reliable mechanic!
Author: linda king Rating: 5
The owner is fair, and cares about you and your car. Just go to any chain auto car place, then go here....you will save, save save. The owner is honest, and spends time on your car. He will soon be the number one auto business in the area.

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