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Batteries Plus

4644 South Scatterfield Road
(765) 644-2700

Author: Shaun W Rating: 1
This is potentially one of the most poorly managed retail stores I've ever patronized. Unfortunately, Batteries Plus was the only local store in my area that carried a battery for my ATV - forcing me to purchase from them. I sent a friend to purchase the battery for me... and that only begot the following problems. The battery that I purchased held a charge for approximately 2 weeks and then became faulty. When the battery warranty information was recalled in the computer, it noted my friend's name (now out of town) on the sale and therefore he was the only member who could claim the warranty. After much go-round on the phone and with the store, I met my friend at the store in his city to exchange the battery. This is where I learned that the stores are not networked and a defective battery can only be exchanged where purchased. This is more of an inconvenience than it's worth. I guess I'll stick with the big retail shops... they're successful for a reason.

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