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Zoo Creatures

149 Plaistow Road
(603) 382-3338

Zoo Creatures Zoo Creatures Zoo Creatures Zoo Creatures Zoo Creatures

Author: Scott White Rating: 5
Great store, awesome collection... Some prices are a little high but animals are always healthy and well cared for. PS - love the tour upstairs in NERD
Author: Ann Rivers Rating: 5
I drive 4-5 hours to pick up reptiles and fish from Zoo Creatures; have traveled a couple times a year for a long time. They have the best fish, and all the negative reviews on the fish are bogus. I have kept fish and installed aquariums all over New England for over 10 years and I have repeatedly bought fish from Zoo Creatures. The ONLY way there would be dead fish is immediately after a shipment, plus I know they recycle the dead fish sometimes by feeding to other aquatic animals. As for reptiles, Zoo Creatures and NERD cannot be beat. I will stand by them until I see a truly poor example of husbandry, which I do not believe will occur.
Author: Trish Leavitt Rating: 5
Awesome and Educational experience every time! Healthy animals that are truly cared for. Worth the trip!
Author: Ivan De Los Santos Rating: 4
This is an incredible place to buy exotics animals, care them with a very nice attention and orientation.
Author: Andrew Savignano Rating: 1
This place is horrible, My girlfriend bought a berm python that was assured to be fine, and it came with ticks and scars on it. I bought a chameleon and it started getting sick, I brought it in for help, the lady told me the only thing she could do was give me a shovel to bury it out back. She was very rude. After this they talked me into buying another chameleon, I did, and I brought it on half hr ride home the thing was dead by the time I got home. I called them back they said sorry we cant help you. This place is horrible, if I had any sense at all I would visit the guns and ammo store next to it, and unload on all these aHoles. They also took one of my lizards for a trade and never gave me any credit at all for it. In fact tried to charge me for taking it. I personally want to boycott this place, There is plenty of good places to go this place is bullshit BOYCOTT NERD

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