Woody's Tavern

7995 North Sheridan Boulevard
(303) 650-5500

Woody's Tavern

Author: Matt Mckenzie Rating: 1
I have been to The woodys in Golden a couple times but my wife and I decided to visit the woodys in Arvada on 1/9/15. I ordered a burger wings and my wife got the pizza and salad bar. My meal tasted fine but actually got me sick about 2 hours after I ate it, I got home and started to throw up and have had a upset stomach for the past 2 days... I would say it was definitely food poisoning and Im guessing it was from the wings since I was the only one to eat them. My wife complained about the salad bar saying that it was very dirty and it wasn't being kept very well. We even found a dark black hair on her plate that was about 3/4 inch long that was in the ranch! She was disgusted and opted for just the pizza, She couldn't eat the pizza either, it was completely cold and the crust was tough... In all fairness Im not sure if it was because the dough was horrible or if the pizza was just cold. Our waitress was not attentive, we were placed right by a door that people kept using to smoke on the patio even though there were several open tables, the door kept slamming and letting a cold draft in. I wouldn't have been so mad if we didn't have our 10 month old with us, some places just take your party into account when seating you but not this place. There were several employees by the hostess podium that seemed like they were just goofing off with each other, just a very unprofessional feeling in the restaurant. I have a 10 month old son that I gave a few French fries to off my plate, if my son became sick this would have been a much worse situation with a possible lawsuit on their hands. I wouldnt write woodys off completely just this location. Id call to complain but whats the point, Im sure if management doesn't have their staff on point on a busy Friday night they wont have them on point any night of the week. I left the restaurant sick and my wife left hungry... Bottom line, don't visit the location in Arvada!
Author: Scott Morrison Rating: 1
Terrible service. Our waitress acted like we were scum and we were treated like it. Won't come back.
Author: Lane Greer Rating: 5
This is a great neighborhood place. You have to understand that the beer selection is good, but its not Falling Rock. It isn't supposed to be. The burgers are great. Its no elways but, again, its not supposed to be. The pizza is really good. Its not fat sullys but that's OK. This place is an awesome place to have good beer, good pizza, and good burgers. We come here all the time.
Author: brittany starr Rating: 4
the pizza is not the BEST ... BUT! its still pretty good.. and my favorite thing about this place is that they have free kid meals on certain days! I LOVE THAT! oh but I did try some baby back ribs that my brother ordered AND WOW they were so tender and flavorful! I will be ordering those next time rather than a pizza and ill let my kids get free kid meals! they really enjoyed having there own pizzas =) they even offered letting my kids build the pizzas at the table but I said NOOOO WAYYY ruin there outfits I don't think so, but its still a nice choice to have when they are older..
Author: Dallas Bluth Rating: 5
Excellent buffet! The pizza guys are happy to take requests and make whatever kind of pizza you like and add it to the buffet. Salad bar is awesome too. Relaxed, spacious, casual bar with a local hangout feel. And the music's not too loud!

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