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Universal Quick Lube

2151 East Twelve Mile Road
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Universal Quick Lube Universal Quick Lube Universal Quick Lube Universal Quick Lube Universal Quick Lube

Author: iIllusionStudios Rating: 1
Went to get my Oil Changed and Break Fluid filled since my break light went on with my car telling me my break fluid is low. My break light went on again and I assumed it must be problems with the pads. Went and bought new pads took my wheel off and realized my pads are fine. Checked my break fluid and it was extremely low. They never bothered filling my break fluid whatsoever yet the receipt says they did it. Not to mention charging a extra $10 for liquid coolant that was already supposed to be included in the oil change. Never going back, take your business elsewhere they will take advantage of you.
Author: Bill Boelke Rating: 5
Had a good experience. Yes they'll try to up-sell various other oils for high mileage vehicles or etc, but a standard oil change with regular oil is what I go for, and the service is quick and friendly.
Author: Donna Awada Rating: 5
This is the only place I go to get my oil changed! They are quick, friendly and do a great job. There are so many times that they went above and beyond my expectations. Recently my low tire light had been on in my jeep and it was freaking me out. When I came in for my oil change they went out of the way to find a small nail in my tire and were able to fix it and make the light go away. Even though it's a little bit out of my way I would never go elsewhere!
Author: Donnell Boone Rating: 5
Love this place!!! Pricing is reasonable Staff service is always above and beyond satifactory and my car runs better now verses other oil change places my car feels no different. They always have helpful tips and they always get you out of there in a timely manner.
Author: Dana Kelly Rating: 5
Always honest, never pushes product that's not needed! Been going to this location for over 2 years. Thank you guys!

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