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InTechgrity Automotive InTechgrity Automotive InTechgrity Automotive InTechgrity Automotive InTechgrity Automotive

Author: Amanda c Rating: 1
Just got junk mail from you today, you can change your name all you want, I'm still not coming in and you need to just stop sending me useless wastes of trees begging me to come back to your sorry pit hole of lies and deceit. Left me high and dry right after having a baby too (car broke the day I was scheduled for an induction had to taxi it) . Fixed one thing caused another and it was the problem I needed fixed the most after the 600 belt repair, you guys damn near caused that engine to blow not telling exactly what it was that needed fixed so after 400 dollars on top of all that, I quit. I babied my 05 neon and bought something for a bigger family in the 2014 suv district as soon as I had the money and I refuse to go here any longer for services. So disappointing that I had been going here since 2012. Had motor mounts replaced when I first got the thing cause all 4 needed, and honestly, they did, but they started going out again after just 3 short years, why? Because it gives them more money to put the crappy stock type in that was flawed in the design to begin with, had a friend in this type of business tell me there were other improved styles. Thanks for wasting money. Can't trust anybody these days.
Author: Vien Nguyen Rating: 5
Couldn't find anyone to jump start my truck, called intechgrity automotive ( 10 minutes prior to closing) to see if they could assist me. To my surprised they were very helpful and a mechanic arrived 15 minutes after calling them. Very professional and highly recommend. Thank you Rob and Brandon
Author: Air Bnb Rating: 5
We moved here 2 years ago. We send all our bnb guest here and family when having car trouble. We used them our selves was happy with the work. The price is average but they are honest. Looks like the changed the company name.
Author: Jeff Redd Rating: 5
InTechgrity automotive really knows how to treat people right. They provide low cost repair and high quality work. We have 4 cars and they will be the only ones to service all of them!
Author: sara reeve Rating: 5
Great service!!! Fast and super cheap!!! Thank you for taking the time to fix my car and giving me such a great deal!!!

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