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Anytime Fitness

Author: Jason Semorn Rating: 5
Awesome gym! Joined with my family when it opened and we love coming here. It's a friendly environment and staff showed us how to use the machines. Staff is always friendly and gym is really clean. Owners treat us great. Highly recommend this gym.
Author: Carpe Diem Rating: 1
No customer service. No assistance. No follow up. Waited indefinitely for response 'supposedly' from corporate. Conveniently forgets previous conversations. Lies!!! Go to Burn Fitness, Planet Fitness, go anywhere but here. I wish I could give zero stars! Unhelpful, unresponsive, unreliable, untruthful staff. Called to make an inquiry and was told I would receive a return call with an answer and never received a return call. I could understand if it happened once. However, it happened multiple times, with different staff members. I also inquired about cancellation in case of deployment at my sign-up and was told membership could be terminated with deployment. When I called four months later to cancel because I was deploying, I was told by Brandon he'd have to check with corporate and he'd return my call with an answer. Never received his call. I called back repeatedly and the received the same treatment. Then another staff member told me Anytime Fitness could but my account on hold while I was deployed. So basically I was lied to when I initially signed up. I think it is wrong to allow minors to sign up and hold parents responsible when the minor wants to cancel. Our daughter signed up but then later left for college. I called to cancel because she has access to the campus gyms. I was told there's an Anytime Fitness near campus. Turns out it is a great distance from her dorm and none of us are comfortable with her leaving campus, as a minor, to go to the gym. I explained that to the staff and received an uncaring, disrespectful response inferring I could cancel and pay the early cancellation fee. Wow. How was that friendly and understanding?! Where was the customer service?! Since then, I've told everyone who's asked me about Anytime Fitness to go to Lifetime, LA, Burn, or Planet Fitness. We were members of Lifetime Fitness on Hall. I was told when I knew I was going to deploy or move to give them a 30 days notice. When the time came to deploy, I did and Lifetime upheld their word. Freaking refreshing to deal with an honest establishment. Anytimes equipment is shoddy with tears in the vinyl, the balls are deflated and soft, classes are cancelled half the time. I should have read the reviews before joining. Obviously Anytimes decent treatment of customers only is extended while joining and not afterwards. Anytime does not deserve the amount of effort I've put into this review but I would be remiss not to inform and warn others from experiencing this travesty of customer service.
Author: Avinash Chundu Rating: 1
I do love anytime fitness a lot when I joined. I'm a customer to anytime fitness for more than a year. Most of the owners in the anytime fitness are nice to me. But I didn't get the same kind of response here the owner of this gym never pay any respect to the customers. I want to share my experience with everyone. I had to travel outside the country. So I called in to the office 1 month before and requested them to cancel the membership. He told me that he can hold off the membership for 3 month and after I come back if I want I can join back in anytime fitness. I tried to push it a lot to cancel my membership but end of day he made me convince to hold off for 3 months and cancel it after that by email if I'm still unwilling to join the anytime fitness again. The next month they charged me the monthly fee. So I emailed him to find out the reason why they charged me. I didn't get any reply from him so I called them. They answered my phone and checked my account. He told me that they don't cancel the account on phone. Usually I need to come to the gym to cancel it but this time he can cancel it now in the phone if I want. I really didn't understand how can he can't cancel my account last time when I called him and cancel it now on phone. Keeping this aside in the entire phone conversation he never accepted that they might have missed to inform me that I need to come to gym to cancel the account. Instead he asked me to show him proof that I requested for the membership cancellation which happened on phone call. I'm not worried about the money I lost for the monthly fee if he at least told me that it might have happened by mistake and he can't refund back I would have taken it. Instead he started arguing with me that it's my fault that I don't have proof requesting them to cancel the membership. At last I got pissed off arguing with him and went to gym and cancelled my membership right away. I don't like this GYM anymore and I never recommend this gym to anyone. Canceling the membership is a mess-up job and they will make you feel why you picked anytime fitness. Frankly I don't have option to give half star otherwise I would have given it.
Author: simone dutta Rating: 5
Been a member for 2 years and I love it there. Clean place,lots of classes offered. Recently got injured and couldn't work out And Brandon was awesome there,he froze my account so I wouldn't pay the monthly fee since I couldn't use the facilities Just sharing my experience
Author: Joe Johnson Rating: 5
This gym is the best gym in the area ,so convenient. Ryan and Brandon are two brothers who care about their members! The gym is always clean and I've noticed that they clean the gym themselves. I love how when you walk in they greet you by your name. Makes you feel very warm and cozy. When I first signed up they said this is a neighborhood gym, and they were right. If you are deciding to join a gym with everyday normal people, I would highly recommend this gym. This place is affordable and within my budget too. It wasn't cheap like Planet but not as much as Burn and Lifetime. Also Trainer Liz is amazing with her small group training classes!

Opening Hours
Monday 12:00 am – 06:00 pm