Wickedly Hot Vapors E-Cigarettes

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Wickedly Hot Vapors E-Cigarettes Wickedly Hot Vapors E-Cigarettes

Author: Joey Tseng Rating: 5
I was referred here by my friend Gina, and I was finally able to stop in a few nights ago and try out their HUGE selection of house liquids. I quickly was drawn to The Creamery and Strawberry Fields, its the perfect blend of Strawberry and Cheesecake... I can't put it down! The employees were very helpful with suggestions on what flavors to try and offered several suggestions for a new and better tank. I can't wait until pay day to come back!
Author: April Richardson Rating: 1
Worst vape shop I've ever come across. I was in from out of town and needed a coil built for a dimitri box mod with a plume veil rda...first of all, the guy who helped me didn't even know what a dimitri was secondly, he was extremely cocky and acted like he was AMAZING at building coils. I had a .32 ohm coil before he messed it up. I guess that's on me for going into this "so-called vape shop." Once he was done with it, I right away noticed my mod just wasn't acting right... so as soon as we got back to the hotel I tested it on my ohm reader only to find out HE COMPLETELY screwed it up. It was jumping all around my ohm reader giving me all kinds of readings! NOTHING CLOSE to what he had promised me, which was supposedly a ".16" It was giving me readings like 4.6 and 3.2! Way, way off. NOT TO MENTION, he charged me to make the coil, which by the way back home they NEVER DO. Sorry to say but this shop is just a place for regular "e cigs," tanks and regular e- cig batteries. Not for advanced vapors with advanced vaping needs. They wouldn't even give me the money back that he charged me just to screw it up, the person I talked to over the phone told me to come back in and she could "try" and build me a coil that would "atleast" fire. LMFAO! WHAT A JOKE! So happy I found a place called Artisan Vapor Company...people who actually new advanced vaping, they were ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! They built me the coil I was promised and even better!! Artisan was the kind of vape shop I'm used to with EDUCATED staff and EXCELLENT customer service!!! I will NEVER go back to Wickedly Hot Vapors when we're in town!!! I also forgot to add that this guy at Wickedly dropped my rda and was treating my mod like crap...slamming it down and just being really rough on it-no respect what so ever. My mistake for even checking this "vape" shop out!
Author: Matthew Gonzales Rating: 5
Wicked Hot Vapors has some of the friendliest staff I've ever dealt with in a store. The employees there love to talk with you about your favorite flavors, Mods, and accessories and will always try their best to guide you toward the purchase that is best for you. The store has all of it's flavors out on display for you try. I recommend Grandpa's Pipe, Night Sky, Keoke Caramel Chocolate, and Hubba Bubba. I would compare Grandpa's Pipe to Captain Black pipe tobacco, Night Sky to pomegranate bubble tea, Keoke Caramel Chocolate to a Werther's Original Coffee Caramel hard candy, and Hubba Bubba to Hubba Bubba bubble gum (no surprise there). Love the store!
Author: Parker Amos Rating: 2
Loved the shop, the experience was great and the staff were very helpful and friendly. Unfortunately all of the 20 flavors I tasted were completely repulsive. They all tasted sickeningly sweet, like they were made out of a Splenda syrup.
Author: Matthew Redmond Rating: 5
What is there to say about this place, except that it is amazing. The juice is good, the staff are amazing and the mods are always the best. I wish they had the provari sadly but that is the only down side Also please stop firing people that I like....I know there are alot of people that arent there anymore and I dont like that.....I miss mary =\

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