Bahama Buck's

3902 North Fry Road
(281) 579-9011

Bahama Buck's

Author: Reads Much Rating: 1
I came to this location because it's up the street from my house and it's new. Well this was my first visit to BB, and it was not a good one. The manager Craig looked right at me and did not greet me when I walked in. No one could answer my questions about their products. I am recently diagnosed as diabetic and have a lot of questions about nutrition facts, trying to feel out what I can try and enjoy without messing with my glucose levels. The kid at the counter was trying, but his manager should have been able to step in and help me. When he did come over reluctantly, he suggested as an example flavor watermelon. Watermelon, Craig? What black people just choose watermelon? The treat I did choose was horrible.(so it wasn't a treat at all) It had too much artificial sweetener in it. I wanted a treat so bad, that even with awful service, I spent money in that place. I ended up throwing it away after three spoonfuls.
Author: Sherri Jacob Rating: 5
Great service! I love this place, shaved ice is great
Author: KB. Photography Rating: 4
Great service. Reminds me of the shaved ice in Hawaii....so soft!
Author: James Shelton Rating: 5

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