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Avenue Auto Clinic

503 West Verona Avenue
(608) 845-8328

Avenue Auto Clinic

Author: Pooks Rating: 4
My dealership quoted me $100 for brake pads + $200 labor (I bought the pads = $100) Avenue Auto quoted me $86 (per hour of work) Charged me $68. I'd say that's a win for me! Small waiting area - 4 chairs + vending machine, but it's warm enough. Front desk: Brian is very pleasant and nice. Never tried to up-sell me, didn't have an attitude with my weird request (placing previously bought brake pads) like Goodyear did, and payed attention (unlike the other Verona Auto Shop). I called last Thursday and they got me in on Monday (versus a week out on ALL other places).
Author: Jacqueline Hayes Rating: 5
Fantastic shop with great prices! They truly care about keeping your car running well and safe. Love these guys! :D
Author: Owen Prough Rating: 5
Check engine light came on. Brought the car in before work and it was done by early afternoon. Apparently I had a bad spark plug. Great service at a very reasonable price. I think I've found my new go-to auto repair place.
Author: Tom Becker Rating: 5
The guys at Avenue Auto Clinic have kept my cars running well into the 200,000 mile range, one is about to turn over 300,000. Great service, go the extra mile. We needed to get on the road for a spring break trip, and gas was pouring out of the car. I brought it there at 8, they got it in, replaced the gaslines and gas tank, and we were on the road by 12:30. Didn't know you could get a gas tank for a 96 Suburban in that much time let alone install it. It was quite a relief to have the car fixed, and only missed a few hours of our trip. Over the last 10 years, I have been VERY pleased with the service. Recommend them highly.
Author: Natalie Rutherford Rating: 5
Went in because my tire pressure light came on. They added air to my tires free of charge and were very nice.

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