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Batteries Plus Bulbs

12560 West Capitol Drive
(262) 373-0468

Author: Jerry Hill Rating: 5
This was one of the best experiences I've had at a retail store. The staff at this store was very knowledgeable and courteous. I dealt with Cory and he was great. He tested my battery in my Honda Pilot and found that the battery was testing bad. Rather than just try and sell me a battery he told me that I had a lot of corrosion on both terminals. He took the time to clean them and talked to me the entire time about why the corrosion was occuring and what I could do to prevent it. After cleaning everything the battery tested good. He gave me a bunch of advice on caring for my battery and recommended an AGM battery for what I do. I will be back to this store to get my next battery. The other employee, Tyler, also took the time to explain to me about the new LED bulbs, color tempuratures, and made some recommendations for me on bulbs. I will also be back to get these bulbs. It's refreshing to walk into a store where they offer you an education and solutions rather than just try and sell you something. Thanks Batteries Plus and I'll see you soon.
Author: The Minecraft Expert Rating: 1
I went to batteries plus bulbs with my sister. she broke her iPad. We brought it in on Saturday and were told that it would be done on monday. On Monday we came back to find that it wasn't done. then, we went back on tuesday and it still wasn't ready. We came back on Friday. They had fixed it, but it wasn't working! It is Monday now, and they still haven't called. I am starting to get worried that her iPad will not be fixed. Overall our experience at batteries plus bulbs was terrible, and we will never be revisiting.

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