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Aqua Car Wash

6904 FM 1488 Rd
(281) 259-5511

Aqua Car Wash

Author: Jolene McCain Rating: 2
I always like coming here for my oil change/car wash and today was the first time I was angry. Has a coupon and the rude girl working the front was beyond unprofessional and rude. Uncalled for... asked a simple question about my coupon and she couldn't be bothered and gave me this look like I was stupid. Very unprofessional.
Author: Jo Caste Rating: 4
Good service, good location... sometimes long waiting times.
Author: Javier Pellacani Rating: 1
It took more than an hour to get my car clean (not well done by the way). The equipment is very old and it does not woks all of it. They also need a lot more personal. I just to come a lot here but I don't think I'll be coming any time soon...
Author: Erick Coffman Rating: 1
Every time I go there first thing or just before I always told 3 hours to wash my truck for a hand wash I don't like running. It through the car wash it never gets cleaned right. The service there sucks and it's just getting worse there
Author: Michael Heatly Rating: 1
Absolutely horrible carwash. Typically takes 2 hours to get the finished and they don't make any attempt at first in first out. I gave up after 1 hour and 45 minutes after they started moving cars ahead of mine in the drying area - someone had moved it to the side in kind of a odd spot. I've given the place half a dozen second chances but after today, I am done with this crappy business !!

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Tuesday 08:00 am – 06:00 pm
Wednesday 08:00 am – 06:00 pm
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