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Victory Circle Car Wash Detail

300 West Parkwood Avenue
(281) 482-6488

Victory Circle Car Wash Detail

Author: Alan Holt Rating: 1
I took my truck there for a wash. The workers somehow managed to scratch my hood up in two different locations with their dirty towels!! I will no longer be a customer.
Author: RYAN BRANNON Rating: 1
Had the wife's Tahoe washed 2 weeks ago she only drives in the city so not too many bugs on the front they did an ok job still splattered bug bits on the front. Then I go to drive away and notice the cord for the rear defroster broken off and dangling. They fixed it 2 days later after I stood around for 30 min waiting on them to find the soldering gun to reattach the metal clip. This weekend I took my truck giving them another try because the wash I wanted to go to was closed. Again ok results floor mats still a little dirty and missed spots on wheels. Drive to work on Monday after truck had not left the driveway since being to car wash and lost radio reception. Looked over and antenna was gone! After looking at it closer it was broken off! Went to auto parts store today and was told I was the 4th person to come in saying a car wash broke their antenna! Coincidence? I think not!
Author: Natasha Walker Rating: 5
They were fast, courteous, and did a great job. Their prices are unbeatable and the service was friendly and knowledgeable.
Author: food guru Rating: 1
Closed before they had advertised, will not return
Author: A Google User Rating: 4
I use them all the time and have for years...they always do a great job and if there is anything I want done I simply ask and they are happy to accomodate me. As for RR's review, the fact that they clean your car well is exactly the reason to go there! I As for freebies, it seems everyone expects something for any mistake made anymore. What ever happened to just letting it go????