Asian Buffet

1533 Austin Highway
(210) 802-0395

Asian Buffet Asian Buffet Asian Buffet Asian Buffet Asian Buffet

Author: Connors Silverpaws Rating: 4
Decent food, which could improve with adding even a little salt to things like the eggrolls. The carpets did seem a bit aged, but not torn or dirty. Friendly staff. Seems out of place to visably use the front counter area as a storage space.
Author: Devin Peter Rating: 2
Well, just went here for lunch with my dad. There was a lot of chicken and hardly any beef, they had Mongolian beef but it was cold. The fish was soupy and fell apart when I cut it with my fork. Very bland. The ice cream however was good but they had to ruin it with the stale cones. I picked up a plate to use and on the bottom was fish stuck to it. Very dirty and the workers looked like silent zombies. I'm not suprised that my stomach is upset now
Author: Jacob DuBois Rating: 4
**** One of my favorite buffets to go to. **** Has a wide variety of food too choose as well as good taste. **** Service is attentive and nice. **** There is no coke products, though, only Pepsi. ***** Some people complain about the carpet being dirty, but you don't eat off the carpet, so there should be no issue with that.
Author: Jag Gonzalez Rating: 1
I just ate there and I was all by myself but on my second trip to the buffet a dinner companion joined me at the table. I mean on the table. It was a ROACH ON MY TABLE. I killed it with a napkin. I still ate some more after hanging tables. The busboy was very apologetic but I still got charged for the food. Shouldn't have done that as the food tasted a bit different after the roach incident. Still got charged for the food because they pointed out that I kept eating after the roach. I ate different food which I thought would be tastier to get the roach off my mind. To be fair the roach never touched my food since I was bringing a fresh plate to my table. I will never eat here again and don't recommend it. 😝
Author: Randall Patrick Rating: 1
I have eaten here at least 100 times, tonight was the worst experience I have ever had with Chinese food. Food was bland and greasy. Only had a few bites of several different dishes because everything tasted off. We even spoke with the manager who was very polite, but offered no solution such as an apology, or a discount and invitation to return. The only positive was our server was such a nice guy.

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