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Wash Me Please Car Wash

11711 O'Connor Road
(210) 646-8587

Wash Me Please Car Wash

Author: David Marrs Rating: 1
2013 Toyota Tacoma Car Wash Incident: Incident happened at a "Please Wash Me" Car Wash on 11711 O'Conner Rd., San Antonio, TX 78233, around 5:21 PM, (12 June 2014). Car wash broke off radio antenna and slapped it around dinging the metal on the right front window shield support arm and into the right front corner of the glass, cracking it. As the automatic machine came around, it continued to rub up against and scratch the back tailgate. It Once again rubbed up against and put a scratch on the driver's side door as it came back around. I don't recommend this car wash, it's unpredictable at best! Upon trying to contact the owner at the posted e-mail address, the e-mail was only returned!
Author: Michael Helms Rating: 2
Two stalls are down and when you do the wash soap for the sprayer there's no soap only water, only soap you get is from the brush the brushes at least good quality, not really enough time to do a full wash without spending at least three or five dollars. Nissian Murano 2003.
Author: David Harada Rating: 2
You better find another place.
Author: A Google User Rating: 5
You can get your car really clean here for cheap! Use this car wash. Vacuum is $.75 and I got a long wash for about $3.
Author: A Google User Rating: 5