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$5 Car Wash America

6780 Bandera Road
(210) 669-2424

$5 Car Wash America $5 Car Wash America

Author: Kelly Milner Rating: 5
ONE STOP CAR WASH. (New name) They have new ownership and a new manager. Every since the old manager left there has been a better vib there. I love it there now. Best car wash to go too.
Author: Miguel Hernandez Rating: 1
Gave this place a shot. Not coming back. Got a basic wash, started raining an hour later. Went back asking what could be done. The chubby guy that sits on a cooler all day, immediately shut me down and said NO RAIN CHECKS... Most car washes offer rain checks, but I guess these guys are pinching pennies. I should have read the reviews before coming here. I could've bought a burrito bowl at chipotle, some nice cheap sunglasses, or given the $8 to the bum at the gas station I said "no" to. Instead, these guys took my money... tsk tsk "/
Author: Amaris Perales Rating: 1
Was going here for years, never had a problem and my car always looked great. Unfortunately I will not be returning anymore. Just last week I took my brand new car in, tipped the guy assuming my car was great as always. Only got in and my car & it was not detailed one bit. I asked the guy for his rag and did it myself. They vacuumed and stopped there. After about an hour I opened my glove department and my charm bracelet was missing. Of course I blame myself for being stupid for having it in there, but there is no reason that it needed to be open. And as I said before I had been going for years. Way to treat a loyal customer.
Author: Happy Yappy Rating: 1
Sevey the manager of the $5 Carwash America on 6780 Bandera is not a man of his word. After spending over $100.00 and gettting less than satisfactory detail service, he assured me that he would correct it. He then wrote his name on the back of my receipt and ask me to return at a later date for correction because some machine needed was now down and they were very busy. I return to get the corrective services and could not find me reciept. He established he remember me and the situation but refused to honor his word even after I was able to produce the credit card payment records on my phone of the detail service. He is hell bent on this reciept which only states his name. Customer service has gone to hell in a hand basket. Could someone please give my a full refund!!!!. Jeri
Author: Adam Rocha Rating: 5
Great place!!